Wednesday, January 21, 2009

School Time... [Day 14]...

What's the best way to start your day in school? With the first two periods Chemistry and the following two was two Biology periods? Sigh! What a day it was!

Today, the morning assembly was extra long. Mr. Sang talked about quite a number of things of personal safety and thefts that occurred recently in school. Even in school, there is a crime rate! Can you believe it? What's becoming of school these days? Some more my school got CCTV. Last Tuesday, during extra activities time, there was a student that let of a firecracker. Luckily, that student who did it was caught. Sigh! Schools isn't a safe place anymore. LOL!

And also, during assembly time, a prefect came and asked for donations for a form 3 student. That form 3 students' father had just passed away. This is one bad month. This month alone, I have heard 4 people that passed away. Life is cruel.

After Chemistry, me, Zhean Wei and Sze Sing, went to the library to update the notice boards in the library. That took some time to finish.

Tomorrow I shall not be going school. So Day 15 of school is not going to come out. Got squash competition. =) 4 of us are going to compete! Wish us luck!

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