Monday, January 18, 2010

Currently A-W-A-Y...

My blog shall not be updated until after Chinese New Year.

Currently in SUSOM. =D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book Review: Ex-Girlfriends United by Matt Dunn... =)

It's a long time since I read finish a book, partly because of SPM and other stuffs. I bought this book cheap, as it was from a second-hand bookstore in Penang.

This book is about Dan Davis, a womanizer; Ed and Sam. Dan Davis despite his newly found fame on ITV 5's latest soap, he fails to hook up with the girls, and he could not understand it.

All is revealed when Dan Davis finds out about this website called "", where women rate their experiences with their ex-boyfriends, and among them, Dan Davis is placed at ranking number one at the site, because he had the most girlfriends. He tries to register and find out for himself, and cracks the code to register because it was a strictly women site only. He succeeds and tackles each of his ex-girlfriends to get them to remove their bad reviews on him so that he can hook up with girls again.

Along the way, Dan learns about himself, especially when he meets up with Polly, the only girl he truly loved. Meanwhile, Ed has his own problems with his ex-girlfriend, Jane and his current girlfriend Sam.

I think this book is more suitable for girls to read. And by the way, the site, "" is real! Go check it out. Haha.... But I think the site is dead.

My Rating for this Book: 8/10

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CANTON-i... Truly Hong Kong....

I went to Penang with my family last Saturday to buy some stuff I needed for SUSOM. When we were at QueensBay, my parents decided to try something new for brunch, because we had not eaten breakfast yet.
CANTON-i Truly Hong Kong menu...
The food here is quite okay larh, nothing here is out of the ordinary, or special. But the ambiance of the restaurant is nice. I had prawn dumplings and dough fritters, and a little pinching from my parents and sister's food. =)
Prawn dumplings...
I think the dumplings I had in Singapore a few years ago was much MUCH nicer... And guess what the dough fritters are....
Dough fritters.
Eu Cha Kueh!!! We had to pay a bomb just to eat Eu Cha Kueh wrapped in dough??? But, it was quite nice also dipping in that unique sauce. =)
This was my mother's congee (porridge). It was okay larh (I'm not a big fan of congee), but I think the one in Sungai Petani was nicer than this.
Beef noodles...
My sister's beef noodles... The beef in her noodles was very soft and tender, like the ones Aunt Chua makes. =)

And for DESSERT!
Mango + Pamaloo Smoothie.
This dessert has a unique taste. It's their signature dessert dish! I think this is because the pamaloo has a unique taste makes the dessert yummy! =)

My Rating for this Restaurant: 7.5/10

Hannah Montana the Movie... =)

Another movie by Walt-Disney Pictures. I don't know why, but I found this movie boring at parts. I think this movie is more suited to the younger teens. I think I have out-grown most of Walt-Disney Pictures, except for HSM and a few others.

I was surprised to see some other famous singers other than Miley Cyrus herself, like Taylor Swift! I like her songs, but I didn't quite fancy the song she sang in this movie.

But I like this song in this movie, it's so catchy!

My Rating for this Movie: 6/10.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Supermarkets Like Giving Free Stuff, Huh?

I was at Penang yesterday with my family, shopping for stuffs I needed for SUSOM, and also some groceries my parents needed. I happened to notice than these expensive cookies were priced at RM .00.

Why are supermarkets nowadays so careless? Do you know that when customers don't know the price of the cookies, they will not buy them? Why... the cookies might cost RM 100 for all you know (sounds a little unbelivable though =P). I'm going to submit this picture to The Star and hope to win RM 50 for a funny picture... =)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Career Test Center...

I was searching for career possibilities when I stumbled upon this website, called Career Test Center. After doing their test, I just realized that it was another personailty test. And, having done a personailty test two years ago at NSCFL, and twice at home online, I'm still an INTJ.
So, it still goes back to square one, what career should I study??? Any suggestions?

2010... =)

Another year has come and gone. It's amazing yet frustrating who time flies. Last year at this time, I was worrying about things that were going to happen in 2009, like SPM. After SPM was over, I had not much free time, I was busy with MYF Christmas Party celebrations, caroling and all. And before I know it, December has come to an end, and it's 2010.

The things I have done in 2009, as a memory and reminder to myself:
  1. In January, I participated in MSSD Squashy.
  2. In February, LYPG was started in Alor Setar. =)
  3. In March, my first school exam for the year, and also took part in MYF Sunday @ chuch.
  4. In April, my friends and I participated in the Mighty Minds Competition.
  5. In May, my mid-year exams were over! And MYF had an outing to Penang! =)
  6. In June, I sat for the ASEAN Selection Test. It was also the month Korean Praise came to Alor Setar, and also the month I received bad news that I got National Service. =(
  7. In July, extra classes in school started, and all I can remember is I had to stay back in school 3 times a week. =(
  8. In August, my church celebrated their anniversary.
  9. In September, my SPM Trials started. Thus, filling up the whole month.
  10. In October, PPS had a farewell gathering for the form 5s.
  11. In November, I graduated from secondary school. And SPM started and led to weeks of lifelessness.
  12. In December, I completed SPM and I survived! And had the biggest MYF Christmas Party in history! =)
Looking at these 12 months, I am happy and glad that I filled my time well, although there are still room for improvement. In 2010, I must not slack and laze around like I did in form 4 and 5. I'm staying for form 6! Most probably going to Keat Hwa 1 for it! =) STPM is a totally different ball game, I must learn to discipline and work my butt of this time! And there are no second chances for STPM! =(

Anyway, I beg for your forgiveness if I have hurt any of you guys in any way, please forgive me, and I also forgive those who have offended me. =)

I wish you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR! =)

Ben 10 Alien Swarm The Movie....

I seem to watch quite a number of movies lately, all graciously lent by Samantha. =) She is so kind... Haha... I probably will not get a chance like this until SUSOM and Chinese New Year ends. Even after that, I doubt that I'll have time, because if I get second batch of NS, I will have any time at home to watch movies. And by the time NS ends, I'll be starting a new chapter of my life, FORM 6!!!

Oh well, I'll cross the bridge when I get to it... After watching a Walt-Disney Production, I decided to watch a Cartoon Network Production instead. And I must say, because the way my hormones are wired, I prefer Ben 10 anytime compared to the movie "Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie" anytime.

This movie is about Elena's father being infected by the Queen of an alien swarm. Ben's grandfather, Max, had lost his trust in Elena's father because he was caught red-handed stealing some alien tech from the Plumber's vault. Max did not agree to help her at first, but did in the end. And Ben, as usual saved the world, from being colonized by the alien swarm, and Elena's father and Max were friends again,

I think this movie is good overall, but I was disappointed to only see Ben transform a few times. In the cartoon version of Ben-10, you can see Ben transforming many MANY times. People watch this movie to see Ben transform into his alien form... But oh well, it was still quite entertaining and all.

A must watch movie if you are a fan of Ben-10! =)

My Rating for this Movie: 7.5/10