Thursday, January 8, 2009

Memories @ School... [Day 5]...

The first week of school has passed! Time flies! It seemed like yesterday school just reopened. Soon, months would have passed. And hopefully, SPM. LOL! SPM is approaching!!! How? Today, the teachers gave us forms to register what subjects we were going to take. I'm scared! I really need to buck up! My hope for SPM is to score straight A's in SPM, but looking at my result now, it's near impossible. Chinese and Malay shall be my Achilles heel. I've been doing badly in Chinese since day one I started learning it. And I also need to really buck up on my Physics, Chemistry and Accounts. Those subjects are killing me.

Chemistry today, was rather relaxing for a change. She gave us homework to do instead of continuing teaching. My Moral teacher miraculously came to class today. He gave us the details on what we should do on our moral folios. Stupid folios! Grrr!!!

English lesson, Si Tenggang's Homecoming again. For the past one week, she has been teaching the same thing! My Mathematics teacher has taught finished the first chapter. He's going to teach the second one on Saturday. I think the second chapter is going to be one tough one.
Yellow Group kawating... (last year)
Today, after recess, we had to meet up in our respective sports group. I'm in Yellow. Our group won last year! YEAH! GO YELLOW! LOL! This year's practice is at 3:30 in the afternoon. Why hold practice at that time??? It's freaking HOT! What do the teachers want us to be? Burnt?

The rest of the periods went on as usual. And oh, this Saturday we're going to have replacement classes for Chinese New Year. Sickening. First week of school need to start having replacement classes already.

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