Thursday, July 19, 2012

A New Chapter, Monash Orientation: July 2012.

Ever wondered why books have so many chapters instead of just one? It's because that's a mark of a new distinct period in the character's life, where the author adds new variables, to liven up the plot, making the book more interesting.

Similar to my situation here, here I am, Day 1 of Orientation in Monash. Monash has a different style of running things (according to them, don't know whether it's true), that is for example, by letting the students themselves to take charge and organise the whole orientation event. Based on by observation, those students organising the whole thing are highly organised. The whole event was something like the "Welcoming the New Form Sixers" by Sixth Form Society that I once joined in Keat Hwa when I was in Form 6, except this was at a much larger scale.

As an introvert, adapting to this new environment was quite hard for me, especially in a place not knowing any familiar faces or friends. And it isn't me to make the first move to talk to people, I guess I have to start doing so, or my uni life shall be a lonely one. Fortunately, I met someone, quite by accident from Kedah!!!..., which is like so rare (most of them are from kl), pity he isn't taking the same course as me, although we will be in the same faculty.

Shall blog more about my life here in Campus in due time, currently am without an iPad camera connection kit (therefore no pictures), and without Internet in my residence or campus.