Tuesday, January 20, 2009

School... Sigh! [Day 13]...

What a day! Phew! I HATE Tuesdays... Because Tuesday is the day I have extra school activities.

I had double PJ today. I didn't go down, because I forgot to bring my full sports attire. In my school, if you are not wearing full sports attire, you are not allowed to go for PJ. Strict eh?

After that, I had Chinese, Maths and BM. My Chinese teacher asked us to do the Chinese workbook. Sigh. Why is Chinese so hard? Sometimes, I don't understand what the teacher is teaching. Maths teacher has taught finished Chapter 2, he is going to move on to Additional Mathematics tomorrow.

After recess, we had a taklimat on how to answer the history paper by my ex-school teacher. That is Mr. Khor Joo Kee. He was transferred out. He taught me history when I was form 2. He is one good teacher. That year, when he taught us history, almost all of us could score in history. He has a good and interesting way of teaching. The taklimat took all of the time after recess.

After the lessons, extra school activities time. Sigh. I joined this society called the photography society. I hope they will really carry out activities. I wish there was a Christian society in school. Sigh!

This was my day at school today. Pretty boring, huh?

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