Friday, September 24, 2010

1Malaysia Concept. How to make it succeed?

1Malaysia was introduced by our current Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak. It mainly stresses ethnic tolerance and national unity (according to the aims when it was first launched) on 16th of Sept 2008 (Malaysia Day), about 2 years plus from today.

Many speculations about this program being a scheme to attract more votes for UMNO was speculated around. But, if one really follows this 1Malaysia concept, I believe the aims targeted could be reached, making Malaysia, a better place to live in. Every Malaysian has a role to play in order for this concept to work, ranging from young to old, even little children!... which might look insignificant in the eyes of many. Firstly, let me take the role of an individual in making this a success. As a parent, one can ensure that their children attend National Service if they are selected. I am a product of National Service, and I know how it's like there. National Service is a program that promotes unity and builds one's character, not to mention also building one up physically. By making sure their kids attend, their child wil be exposed to different cultures and make new friends of different background and religion. From my experience, I have made new friends from different places and background, ranging from Perak to Perlis, and also Kedah. I believe that such an experience can only be obtained from NS. That's why, if you got selected for National Service, you're LUCKY! =D

Back to the topic... The government should also ensure that schools are made up of equal number of students from each race. I believe, in this way, students from different races would unite together as one. Currently, the only effort in promoting such unity is through a method called "Sekolah Wawasan". I believe not many people know about Sekolah Wawasan, right? I must admit that I didn't know such a school existed until my primary school (Pumpong) was moved into such a school. And by the way, Sekolah Wawasan is a school where three different school exist in one same environment. This means the students will only meet each other from different schools during recess or after school only. And, as we all know, who wants to make the first move in making new friends when they are not studying in the same class or school? This doesn't bring the same effect as studying together with different races in just one school.

The Ministry of Education can also have a hand in this by ensuring that there is a compulsory subject that students must take about the different cultures and practices carried out throughout Malaysia. This would cultivate understanding. When one understands other cultures better, misunderstandings between races would be reduced. At the same time, one would also prevent oneself from offending one another. For example, by serving a Muslim pork, or a Hindu beef, that is provoking them right?

The 1Malaysia concept is a good idea, but should be carried out for the right reasons. Afterall, unity is the foundation of a country, like the old saying that goes, united we stand, divided we fall.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jam on the Bridge!

I was sitting in the car on the way to Penang just now. There was a massive jam towards Penang! It was a bottle-neck situation, where about 7 lanes became 2? I was stuck there for almost two hours! We only moved 100 meters in 30 minutes! It seems that there was a power cable on fire, and it was clogging up the WHOLE bridge with cars! You can read about it here or here. And guess what, I never made it to Penang!

We wasted RM 5.60 on toll, and made a U-turn back. By then, the jam was already spilling out all the way to the North-South highway. I pity the people at the back, they would be wondering why there is a jam. Wasted time. Wasted petrol. Next time, wanna stage such a havoc, go la stage it on April Fool's day...

While I was in the car, I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if all who were stuck in the jam together could talk? After all, aren't we all Malaysians? Even if there were foreigners around? Aren't we all humans? And don't humans like to talk? But sadly, it's just a dream. I believe no one in the right mind would do such a thing? We let our differences come between us; races, the way each of us think, and so on...

Ah, if we were truly a society of such, I believe that the country would be a better place. Ah...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Step Up 3!.... @ AS Mall.

Step Up 3! I'm impressed... for it's choreography (mainly). The plot was, predictable? Oh well, I'll come to that later...

I was late in arriving in Alor Setar Mall. Jane, W. Lynn, Wei Ping and Goay had already arrived. I was delayed at the post office. At least I wasn't the last to arrive. Hahaha... Sunny arrived a minute of two later than me. we missed the first 5 to 10 minutes of the movie, too bad. And oh, I saw Susu Hean fetching a 5 girls home in his car. xD

The plot was rather predictable...? When Natalie appears in the movie, I was thinking to myself, will she be the one betraying the "Pirates"? It turned out that I was right. =D

The movie was about this guy named Luke, a dancer-cum-filmmaker which is desperate for money to pay back loans from the bank to avoid being evicted from his only home, a warehouse that's a haven for dancers! He hunts for fresh talent and finds Moose, and Natalie. In order to repay the loans, he and his team has to win the World Jam Competition which has a whooping prize money of 100K. However, it complicated here and there, as the team breaks up and reunite again.

I believe, the film is only nice for it's dancing, and "WOW" factor? I like the choreography. Moose is a great dancer! I wished I could dance like that, but I guess it's too late to learn. Me bones have harden. =S