Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Going Back to School... [Day 4]....

It's already the fourth day of school. Time passes so fast. My days left in school are numbered and is decreasing day by day. SPM is in 250+ days time. Something to worry about. I wonder how can I use the time remanding before SPM wisely.

Chemistry! Chemistry! Chemistry! I used to like this subject a lot, before it got so hard. Note, used. After reading through and being taught in class on chapter 8, form 4; salts, I began to feel differently towards the subject. What actually is salt? It's something that we use everyday. It's used food preservative, food flavoring, medicine, and other stuff. Salt in the scientific way can be defined as a compound formed when a hydrogen ion from acid is replaced by a metallic or ammonium ion from a base. I have one problem though, determining whether it is a salt or not. Salts can be divided into two types, soluble and non-soluble salts, according to the Form 5 textbook. We also learned how to construct ionic equations using the continuous variation method. It's so complicated! It thought Physics was hard enough, chemistry is worse.

During the Moral lesson, again the teacher did not enter class again. Out of 4 days, he entered once only. English and Mathematic went on as usual. My English teacher is still teaching Si Tenggang's homecoming. It's getting kinda boring hearing her teach.

Today, instead of history and bio classes, we had something different! A first-year medical student came to give a talk about the reproductive system. She showed us a video from YouTube. I found that video from YouTube also. LOL!

She later then did a powerpoint presentation and gave us an overview of the reproductive system.

Chinese period AGAIN! One problem with his class is, sometimes I don't understand what he is talking about. My grasp of Chinese is so POOR!

We're still using a temporary timetable now. We're having the same timetable everyday for the next 1 week, I think. It's getting pretty stressful learning Chemistry EVERYDAY!

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