Saturday, June 18, 2011

OMK 2011!

Set two different alarms to make sure I woke up for this competition. I had to drag myself out from bed at 6 just to get to school and be on time to board the bus to UNIMAP, Perlis. It seems that Kedah and Perlis hopefuls were scheduled to sit the OMK papers together.

I'm sure you would be in the dark what is OMK all about, if you have never heard of OMK before. Well, OMK stands for Olimpiad Matematik Kebangsaan, a mathematics competition, which is held annually, to select Malaysia's Maths champion to represent Malaysia in the World Mathematics Olympiad. My form, had 5 representatives, all guys, 3 from my class. :D

Students all around Perlis and Kedah met at the centre an hour before the test started, as required. Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid also sent representatives with at least 8 from Form 6. I happened to know a few of them who came. :D

Sitting for OMK is something new for me. I've not sat for this competition before. It was rather a urmmm... not much of a new experience. Sharing a little about the test... The competition lasts for 2.5 hours. There are 9 questions in this competition. 6 questions requires just the answer, while the remaining 3 requires you to show the working for the solution. The 6 front questions, if answered correctly, will be awarded 2 marks each, while the behind 3 questions if answered correctly with the correct steps will be awarded 6 marks each. And I must say, the questions are not easy!

Can you imagine that the OMK questions had mistakes? Not minor errors, but a MAJOR error! Halfway through the competition, they asked us to change one of the question's positive sign to a negative sign. Such errors shouldn't be made in the first place! Isn't this a Kebangsaan competition?!? What happened to the checking and double-checking of the questions?

Overall, I know I stand no chance in this competition, they others are just too good. I didn't know how to do quite a number of questions. This just shows how weak I am in Mathematics. :( One of my junior, could answer all (except for one question, which he wasn't quite sure of). I guess he will be the champion for this district. :D Keat Hwa boleh!

Anyway, it was fun! I quite enjoyed myself. :D

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Holidays are Over!

It's JUNE already. Time flies!

In about less than 72 hours from now, I'll be dragging myself out from bed, staggering to the bathroom, taking a quick shower, crawling into the same school uniform I've been wearing since I was 13.

School is reopening!
"So what?"

*ponders more*
"Crap! Mid-term exam results are coming out!"
"Sunday got Chem, Bio and Maths!"

Oh well, I know for a fact, that only recently, I've been trying to actually WORK HARD, for once. I've never actually wanted something so badly before. I need to work harder to achieve 4.0! I've got to take this exam's result as a lesson to strive harder. :D

A whole load of events are awaiting me in school. Sport's Sukan Tara, Sport's Day, Keat Hwa's 100 year anniversary, Form Six Society Interviews, Form Six Night, etc. It's going to be a real busy time in school. I hope I will be able to manage my time properly. Distractions, SHOO! :D

STPM is coming! I wonder how the teachers are going to finish another volume of Biology and almost the entire Paper 2 for Maths. I mean, there are at least another 14 chapters for Biology alone! And the next question is, how am I going to stuff everything into my head! GAH!

Oh well. Life has it's tough and easy times. I'm having a good life. :)

What is there to complain about? :)

Appreciate what you have today. Everything you have today, might just be taken away from you. Who knows? :)