Friday, October 31, 2008

The Continuous Writing in my English Exam...

Like any usual form 4 English paper 1 exam, there are two parts, directed writing (the one I blogged earlier on), and continuous writing. In continuous writing, you have five choices. You have to write one of the five titles.

In my final year exam, the titles were:
  1. Describe the most beautiful scene you have ever set your eyes on.
  2. Write a story with the title: A Wonderful Mistake.
  3. If I Were Rich.
  4. "Discipline should be strictly enforced in schools" What is your opinion? Do you disagree or agree with this view?
  5. Supermarkets.
Guess which one I chose. Normally, I would have written question number 2 or 3. But, I think something must have struck me when I was going to write the essay. I picked the factual essay. Maybe I wanted to be extraordinary. I picked question 4!

After I wrote the whole essay, I knew I would not get a high mark for the piece I wrote. Because, after I wrote it, I realized that I may have wrote out of question. Well, hope for the best, because there was no time to write any question.

In paper 1, the continuous writing takes a total of 50 marks. Guess how much I got. When I got my paper 1 back, I was so shocked and happy. I actually got 40 out of 50 marks! Overjoyed. Well, here goes:

I agree entirely with the statement "Discipline should be strictly enforced in schools." What actually is discipline? Discipline can be defined as one who is well mannered and decently dressed in society. Many students think that discipline should not be strictly enforced in schools. Why? Because they want to do things their own way. Why do schools need to implement strict rules to ensure there is discipline in students? So that the teachers will be satisfied? No! They want to instill discipline in the students so that the students will do better in life. Teacher have more headaches trying to instill discipline in students, life would be much easier for them if they need not instill discipline in students. The teachers are actually doing students a favor.

Why do I agree with the statement "Discipline should be strictly enforced in schools."? Well, here are a few reasons. First, rules instill discipline must be strictly enforced so that the students will dress decently to school and are well-mannered. One must look decent and are well-mannered in society. If not, they will be labeled as ill-mannered creatures. In school, one must look decent and well-mannered too. Decently looking students means that the student's hair is not dyed and do not wear earrings. Some schools, like Keat Hwa 1 and Keat Hwa 2, have no choice but to implement strictly enforced rules like boys hair must not be over 5 cm and girls are not allowed to keep long hair. If such rules are not implemented, the students would not listen and would dye their hair. This is why discipline should be strictly enforced in schools.

Secondly, I agree with the statement above because with discipline instilled in a student, students will have a better learning environment. Students would not simply shout like monkeys or talk when the teacher is teaching in class. There would be no disruptions. The classroom will be quiet and have a conducive learning atmosphere. In some schools, because the rules are not strictly enforced, the students will disrupt the class by talking or not paying attention to the teacher, that will result in an noisy and unsuitable environment for learning. With the loud and unpleasant noises, a student would not be able to concentrate on what is being taught. A leaning atmosphere would not be in the air.

Discipline should be strictly enforced too, so that the housing estate surrounding the school will not be disturbed. What will happen to the school's image if one of the residents living in the neighboring housing estate put in a complaint to the school or write an article about the school being noisy to the local newspaper? The school's image will drop in everyone's eyes. Parents would not want to send their child to such a school, because of the noisy environment, no learning can take place. Furthermore, parents also want their children to be disciplined.

Fourthly, discipline should be strictly enforced to prevent gangsterism. Gangsterism in schools is not a new problem a school needs to face in schools today. By trying to prevent gangsterism in schools, schools have to implement rules like no fighting in schools, and by not allowing outside people to enter the school unless they are the student's parents. Even though the school allow the parents to enter the school only allows the parents to enter to ask the teacher in charge to call their kid down from class. Don't you agree with me now, that strictly enforced rules should be enforced in schools?

Last and not least, discipline should be strictly enforced in schools so that the students will learn to be disciplined in life and in everything they do. Once the student is forced to be disciplined in something, it will become second-nature to them. For example, once a student is trained and forced to look decently in school, it will become a habit. After a long time, the students will also dress decently not only in school, but everywhere. They by themselves would also want to be decently dressed.

Discipline does not come instantly, one must be trained and forced. The school strictly enforces discipline on student is for their own good. Therefore, I agree entirely with the statement "Discipline should be strictly enforced in schools."
To me, this essay is still not very good. I think if the teacher was my mother, my mother would have given a 30 - 35?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

300 MPH.. The Game...

This is such a cool game! Once I played it, I just had to finish it. It's a racing game. But, you will need quite a fast computer to play this game. Furthermore, you will also need a shockwave player. I played this game at shockwave. Talk about NASA racing and this just like it. Be warned, if you don't like racing, this isn't your cup of tea.
Car warming up...
First in Race 1... (me skillful, haha...)
In the game...
Race 4 results and current championship results...
The last race results and championship results...

And yes! I got first in the Championships. Wouldn't it be great if it were the real one? Well, there are two easy stages, two medium stages and two hard stages. There are almost the same, except the racing tracks are different. There are six cars to choose from. The graphics is not bad, but the cars not yeng enough... I got 3 firsts, 2 seconds, and a third of the six races. The three first were in Race 1(easy), Race 3(medium), and Race 5 (hard)... Every level get one first.. haha... The seconds were in Race 4 (medium) and Race 6(hard). The third, (because my car overturned) in Race 2 (easy).

This game is quite nice and easy to play, wish they will soon develop more games like this.

Rating for online games (to me):
Fun to play: 8/10; Challenging: 6/10; Graphics: 9/10.

The Directed Essay I wrote in my English exam...

I had nothing to blog today, so I decided to type out my end of the year exam English essay as memories... This is one of the higher directed writing essays I've ever got. 30/35. I'm so happy!

This directed writing essay is about your brother studying in a boarding school in another town, he wrote a letter telling you that he has been invited to his friend's house over the weekend, and he is asking for tips on how to present himself. Here it goes:

Dear brother,
How are you doing these days? How did you fare in your recent exam? Mother wants to know your results. Can you send your results soon? Mother is worried. I received your letter just yesterday.

In your previous letter, you told me that you were invited to your friend's house over the weekend and needed some tips on how to present yourself. Well, here are a few pointers. First, you should buy a gift for your friend's parents. This is how you can show your gratitude for leting you stay in their home. You can buy a little gift for them.

When you are in your friend's house, make sure you are polite. You wouldn't want your friend's parents to label you as a rude an ill-mannered boy. Remember to greet "Hello, uncle and aunty.", when you reach there. And when you are given something, remember to say "Thank You!".

You also must be obedient. Whatever your friend's parents say, goes. Don't dawdle. You are not at home. At home, it's different. For example, if you are served with a dish you don't like, don't complain. Just be obedient and eat what is served. Be obedient. I know that sometimes, you are quite picky about what you eat.

When you are playing with your friend, don't be too playful or naughty. You can play, but do not play until your friend's parents ask you to stop, because it's late, and are reluctant. Stop when you are told to.

Once it is time to go home, remember to thank your friend and your friend's parents. Do not just leave without saying a "thank you". Be grateful because you had a chance to stay at his house for the weekend.

I hope you will find the advices I have given you useful. I hope in your next letter, you will tell me what you did at your friend's house. That is all for now.

Haiz... Somehow, after typing it down, I feel that I could have written it better. Sigh!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My exam results are back...

Haiz. This is the one moment everyone dread. I dread it too. I dread the day I get my BC and BM marks. Those two subjects are my nightmare subjects. I wonder how I will fare on those two subjects.

I quite happy with my English this time. I got an A1, instead of an A2 the last time. I read my literature and read it well this time. I made sure I lost no marks there. The last exam, I lost over 15 marks there. This time, I only lost 3 marks in that section. I'm so glad!

My Maths and Add Maths are back too. I'm not surprised I did badly in my Add Maths this time. I expected it to be bad, because I knew on the day I did my Add Maths paper, I won't get an A1 or A2, and true enough, I didn't, I got a B3. Haiz. Sad. Maths, I got an A1. Ok ok la. But still not really satisfied with the marks I got on Maths.

I've improved in Physics, I'm glad! But still failed to get an A2, by a mark! Haiz, the teacher very stingy. Spelling error, can't give marks... Usage of grammar wrong, also must beg and beg only the teacher will add the marks for me. Disappointed, yet happy.

My history and moral are back too. Those two heavy studying subjects. I didn't do pretty well in those two subjects. I must start studying again, if I want to do better. Sejarah and moral both got a B3.

I am waiting, under pressure and torture for my two disastrous subjects, BM and BC. Pray for me please...

Click Here!

Just click on this button. And you will know what the button is for!!! Have fun!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First win for Eei Hui-Pei Tty at Danish Open..

Woopee! Finally a women's double pair has emerged to make Malaysia proud! They won the Danish Open. It's the first victory for them and for Malaysia's women's pair for the last six years. The had a shot at the title, because the strong players, like the Chinese and Korean's women's doubles did not compete.

Hmm... I wonder they will be given Datukship like
Datuk Lee Chong Wei, just for winning the Danish Open... After all, it's an achievement for the country and them...

Ping-pong at WMC....

It's was Deepavali morning (yesterday), and most of the adults of my church were free because it was a public holiday. Since upstairs in WMC has now 2 ping-pong tables, we decided to play ping-pong. Quite a number of people showed up...
Look at all the pro people playing... (excluding me... :P)
I was dragged from my bed. I wanted that sleep. :(

A Youth Education Talk...

Last Friday, there was a talk about sex education held in Trinity Baptist Church. The MYF committee members to decided to have MYF there instead of the usual MYF at church. MYF would pay for the registration fees. Pity thing though, not all the MYF'ers turned up. Probably they thought the talk would be boring, or they had other plans, or they were just too lazy...

Well. there was worship first, then some light refreshments were given before the talk started. During worship, they played and sang the songs really LOUD!!! How can they not go deaf? I was deaf when the time of worship ended. But is really amazed me that they can produce almost exactly like hillsong. WOW! After worship, there was some refreshments prepared for us. Not much, but enough. After makan, there was some games. The games were pretty silly though, to me. The person will ask you for something, for example five white hairs, and if you found them, you will be given mentos.

After the games, the talk finally started. It was about 5 then. I learnt quite a lot from the talk. Only Uncle Jeff turned up. His wife was attending a talk elsewhere. Uncle Jeff turned out to be the person who gave a ceremah in my school last year, also about sex education in my school. From this talk, he tought us about how the baby is formed, the female reproductive organs, the male reproductive organs, the process of sex and many others. I also learnt that the diseases can be quite frightening too. AIDS, for an instant, he showed us a picture of a girl having yellow big spots on her labia (i think). It was frightening.

This talk is just the first part, and not the full thing yet. We have to thank Uncle Jeff for driving all the way down from Penang, just to give the talk to us for free. Let's hope he will have time to give a talk on the other parts.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Really Extreme Engineering!!!

Everyone loves to play pranks on other people every now and then, well, not everyone, but some people do.... Have you ever heard of city lights turned into Morse code? Or the mayor's house covered in fake paint? Or the most unthinkable prank, hanging a car beneath a bridge???

Well, the fact is, there are such high tech pranksters. Pranksters that uses their brains to create chaos. Imagine, a car beneath a bridge. It marks of a true creative, well-executed prank that makes a truly accomplished engineer. And the most unbelievable thing is, you
can suspend a car under the bridge in 328 seconds! That is just like 5 minutes and a half.

In Canada, such students play such pranks. The students calculate everything. All the factors that affect their prank. Like experiments. So that, they will leave no trace of the prankster who did the prank.

It's a pity we don' have these kind of pranks here in Malaysia. Our students here are just not so creative. Wouldn't it be nice, if the whole country was alarmed due to a car suspended under Penang bridge?
A car hanging under a bridge.
(E stands for engineers)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Table Tennis... The Game...

Deepavali is round the corner. That is tomorrow. To all the Indians out there who is celebrating Deepavali, I would like to wish you all a Happy Deepavali! Pity you collegians though, because still got exam... Tomorrow I'm going to play table tennis with my friends too!

Well, since I had nothing to do, I played this game, Table Tennis... I'm in to ping-pong lately...
In the game...
The final results...
Well, in this game, you have three different opponents. Ti Hee, Korea; Ben Scott, UK; Forrest Gump, USA. I beat them all in straight sets. It is much easier than Table Tennis Tournament. I scored a total of 144 points (Overall updated).

Can you beat my score?

Ratings for online games (to me):
Fun to play: 6/10; Challenging: 5/10; Graphics: 7/10.

Games at - Table TennisTable Tennis
Play this free game now!!

Table Tennis Tournament... The Game...

Phew, after two weeks of exam, I finally can play a game finish... I went to miniclip, and played this game called "Table Tennis Tournament". It's ping-pong, but a digital version... Haha...
This is the front page...
The first round...
In the game...
Victory at last... (That's me :P)
Well, to tell you the truth, this game is pretty hard to complete. In each round, you have only a set to beat your opponent. You lose the set, you lose the game. It's that simple.

It took me four times to become the champion. The first three times I played, I only made it to the quarter finals, no further than that. I lost to the third guy 0-11, 1-11, 1-11. Maybe my strategy not good. The fourth time I played, I was victorious. One opponent nearly lost though, went to duce. 12-10, 11-5, 11-9, 11-4.

Rating for online games (to me):
Fun to play: 8/10, Challenging: 8/10, Graphics: 9/10

Saturday, October 25, 2008

History in primary schools... Agree or disagree?

This is one of the hot topics in Malaysia now. Well, frankly, to me, you can agree and disagree with this statement if you look at it at different angles....

You can disagree, because there are already a lot of subjects for a 7 year old kid. When I was in primary school, I had to study grammar (Chinese, Malay and English), writing (Chinese, Malay and Chinese), science, maths, art, music, PJ and Kajian Tempatan. By adding history to the list of subjects, the 7 year old have to suffer even more, at such a young age... Pity the poor fellows! Need to suffer at such a young age. My sister even worst, need to take extra science in Chinese and maths in Chinese. By adding history, both parents and kids will have to suffer. Furthermore, I think adding history at a young age will cause them to memorize the facts rather than understanding the purpose of learning history. Memorization will help the students improve their concentration but will they learn how to apply history in their daily lives?

But, there are pros by adding history into the primary syllables. History enables students to prepare and plan for their future. It also enables students to pick the right people who could serve as role models. They will also learn useful skills like critical thinking at a young age, cause and effect relationships and ability to read and summarize materials. History, also teaches us about our present.

So, to agree or disagree? That's the million dollar question.
One can argue forever about who its necessity. But I think, as a student, I would disagree adding history in primary schools...

Two weeks down memory lane...

For the past two weeks, my exam has been on. The stress was intense, and the pressure was unbearable. But the good news is, I survived! Now, finally, i'm relaxed...

But. At the thought of the results, the feeling evolves. It changes to fear. I dread getting my exam marks. Scared of not doing well. I predict this time, I will not do as well as my mid year. I can just hope for the best.

Anyway, since my exam is over, I can now blog more often. :)

My sister went to her friend's birthday party at her friend's house last Thursday. I can't remember how small I was when I went for my first birthday party. Definitely not 7 years old. I know I did not get a chance to go at such a young age. Imagine. A small 7 year old kid going t a birthday party to her friend's house. Alone. With no parents. At this age. To me, I wouldn't allow my kid to go. For the fear of safety. I think the youngest I went, was when I was 11, and my mother knew my friend's parents.


Friday, October 24, 2008

A card I made...

I know Christmas is not here yet. But since I had nothing to do, to keep myself occupied, I made a card. A Christmas card. I just had to do it. Let's see who is the LUCKY or UNLUCKY person to get this card I made for Christmas... hehe...

The words aren't very clear when I scanned it onto the computer though...

How do you like it?

New book I just bought...

On the day my exam ended, I went to Popular Book Store and bought myself a book to read. Well, the book I just bought is entitled "the simple truth" by David Baldacci. I have never heard his name before, nor seen his books, or maybe I haven't been reading :P. On the book cover, it is stated that he is the bestselling author of the book "last man standing", but I also have not heard of such a book...

The book cost RM 13.40, after a RM 1.50 discount. I hope it's worth it...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My exam is now OVER!!!

After two long weeks of pure torture, it's OVER! Oh, I thought it would never end. I think I would do as in very good this time, because my add maths, haiz... I think will fail, because of the equation of straight line thingy...

Chemistry, Physic and Biology so so la... It's time to CELEBRATE!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Sometimes, when I am bored, I tend to daydream. Since now, I take the bus home now from school, I have lots of time to think about the past. 15 years has passed. But the furtherest memories I can remember about myself is when I was 7.

Thinking of the past, I gather some fond and dreadful memories. Looking back, I often think of I wish I could turn back time. I wish I was 7 now, but with the knowledge I have now. That would be the day.

What would happen if I could travel back to time? What would happen if I went back to the year when I was 7? What would happen if I saw myself when I was 7? What would happen? Would he disappear because I am him? The thought of time travel boggles my mind. Is time travel really possible?

Wouldn't it be great if we could travel back to time and correct all the mistakes we have made when we were small? Haiz...

Memories of the past shall be always ached in my mind...
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

One week over, another week to go!

Finally, one week of exam is now history, can't wait for the other half be over.

Next week, will be a long me. As in really long. Last three days of exam will be Physics, Chemistry and Biology, three papers each. Headache.

Today, the teacher in charge dropped a bombshell, he made all the students afraid, because he changed today's exam table. He changed the English Paper 1 to English Paper 2. Because there is literature in Paper 2, everybody complained. Most of us didn't not study literature because in the timetable. English Paper 2 was to be on next Sunday. All of my friends were saying ''Where can like that de? I didn't study literature yet, 30 marks gone like tat la!" or "Ish! Want to change timetable, tell the day before la!".

Well, the teacher made a mistake. Because English Paper 2 is 2 and the half hours and Paper 1 is only 1 hour and 45 minutes. Once he change the papers, we will have no time for recess. Some of the students complained and the teacher switched back to the normal timetable. Phew! Everyone had to take the paper 10 minutes late because of the error the teacher in charge of the exam made. Some of my friends wanted to shout "Postpone! Postpone!" because the paper was given late. The funny thing is, in some classes, the teacher had already given out the Paper 2, and the students had already scanned through the questions. So now, we know what the literature part is coming out.

Today, was relaxing compared to the previous two days. Although sad to say that, in modern mathematics, 7 marks have flown out of the window. :(, because I used the wrong formula =.=. How did I let this happen? >.<

English essay. I think I might have wrote a little out of question. I should not have written the factual essay, but written the story. I wrote about agreeing with the statement "Discipline should be strictly enforced in schools.". I think I would have wrote better if I picked "If I were rich.". Well, all I can do is now hope for the best.

Wish me luck.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exam can really stress one up!

Yesterday, I just sat for my history paper 2 and my moral paper. How glad am I that those two subjects are finally over.

Today. Was another nightmare. Chinese. Objective. Structure. Essay. The teacher that has to set this time exam, Mr. Sang. Haiz... He always set weird weird questions, and his questions are always hard. This time I surely gonna fail. In the subjective part, got 5 translation questions. All also I don't know how to do. Nightmare. Don't know essay write correct a not. I wrote this title "雨天随想".

Thank goodness it's over.

Tomorrow I can take it a little easier. Modern Maths and English.


Monday, October 13, 2008

2nd Day of Exam...

Today exam was okay lah! Haiz... Why the account paper 2 need to be so hard? I didn't get to imbang my 3rd question. Good thing this account paper is not counted in my overall marks.

Today had paper 1 of history. Good thing I knew my facts well. The teacher set a few straight know-your-facts questions... Like what is Surah al-Muddasir for... Most people I asked didn't know what that was. It was the Aqabah II, where Nabi Muhammad s.a.w was elected as a Rasullullah. And questions like what did so and so did, which I think I got wrong. The teacher even set questions from the summary of the chapter at the every end of the chapter. Good thing I read.


I may not be lucky tomorrow. Sejarah Paper 2.

Nightmare. 3 essays.

Wish me luck.
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Exam... Urgh!!!

2 papers over... 24 papers to go... Urgh! I gonna die taking all the 24 papers... Today, first day of exam, Bahasa Melayu paper, ok ok la... Peribahasa in Paper 2 don't know how to do though... So, 6 marks fly out of the window. Haiz. Karangan today, good thing I know how to write. But I'm not sure about the first short essay, about nilai-nilai murni. I think I may have write a little out of question.

Tomorrow got account and SEJARAH.
Sejarah tomorrow sure die one! Although objective only. Tuesday Sejarah Paper 2, that paper sure die! 3 essays to write, and all structure questions.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Fed up!!!

Is it something wrong with me? Is everything I do wrong? Maybe... Haiz... My life has been turning upside down... Recently, my phone was crushed by my guitar.. Sigh! Why was the guitar so accurate??? Sigh!

My parents refuse to buy me a new phone, because of mainly my overspending on my phone... Haiz... So, I needa save up on a new one... Argh! Everything is falling apart at the wrong time! With my exams coming up next Sunday, I don't know how I can live on... Some more it is the end of the year examinations... The most important exam in the year!!!

I may seem happy-go-lucky on the inside, but full of turmoil in the inside. So many problems are stressing me up!!! Phone, school exam, class crisis, camps, school trips... Sigh! If another problem appears, I'll explode!

Phone. Sigh! I may overspend, but during exam time, it's the most useful tool. You can ask a friend about the things you do not know buttons away. It saves time. Learning up yourself takes a lot of time, especially when time is short. I'm not saying learning up yourself is bad, I prefer that method, but during exam time, you don't have that sort of time you can waste. When I told my father I need my phone to study, he laughed... Times have changed. Haiz. So how do I go to when I have a problem that needs to be solved in my studies now? Myself, (usually doesn't get solved) because I don't know how. Phone has it cons, but it as pros too!

School exam. Haiz. Everything coming up all, or almost all. Add Maths all 10 chapters except Chapter 9. Maths, all. Physics, all. Chemistry, Chapter 7. Moral, all. Sejarah, all. Haiz... Other subject all la. Don't know how i'll fare in this exam.

Class crisis. Haiz... During the last monthly exam, one of my classmates got caught cheating. So, this time we had to sit according to alphabets. Haiz... And two of the teachers "lectured" us. Conclusion, we're bad! Haha...

School trips and camps. Haiz. Don't know to go which camp. Can't decide. It's a funny thing, Christian camps can go, school trips can't. Don't know why. Because my parents when they were small, they did not go, means now I can't go. Haiz... Why? No comment. Ask them about school trips, answer would be "Go! And don't come back..." =.=, or "Use your own money la"... Basically, they just don't allow. Why, I don't know.

Exam coming up!

Save me!

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Exam coming up again!!!

Exam is round the corner, I shall stop blogging for two weeks, after that, I will be blogging full time. Sigh! There are so many things to study still... Haiz...

Create yours at!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random lamppost shots...

Have been going on a photography frenzy... First on clouds, then bridges, now lampposts, haha...

Rate 1 to 10...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Random bridge shots...

Do you know the bridge leading to Ampang Place? I got a few shots on the bridge. Do you like them?Rate 1 to 10....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random cloud shots...

Nothing to blog, so I decided to dig up the pictures I took when I went cloud hunting. What do you think of these pictures of clouds I took?
Picture 1
Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4
Picture 5Picture 6Picture 7
Rate which picture is the best! Personally I think Picture 3 is the best!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sun Shine Restaurant...

Last Sunday, my family and I were hunting for food before attending church service. It had been a raining day, the sky was still dark. Since it was a few days to Raya, a lot of people were out. The town centre was jammed, preventing us to go to our usual restaurant to eat. We decided to eat at this restaurant, Sun Shine, there they sell Clay-Pot Chicken Rice.It was okay, but the service was terrible. As we were short of time, we grew rather impatient. Drinks ordered, got mixed up with another customer's, when want to pay the bill, nobody seemed want to collect it. They may as well give it for free.

So, if you have no time to spare, never go to this restaurant!

Fire hydrant....

I found this fire hydrant in Ampang, Alor Star. Where is the head??? How do you get water out of it? Water can be seen in it. A prefect place for the mosquitoes to breed!!