Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PLKN Kem Dusun Minda Resort, Kuala Nerang!

I'm back! (just for Easter! =D)

In my two days at PLKN, life is terrible! (or maybe I still haven't got used to the lifestyle there yet...)
Our daily schedule:
0530 ~ 0630 Waking Up Time (Malays have their prayer at 6)
0630 ~ 0800 Lapor @ Padang Kawat Baru & Jasmani
0800 ~ 0900 Breakfast
0900 ~ 1030 Classes
1030 ~ 1100 Morning Snack
1100 ~ 1230 Classes
1230 ~ 1430 Lunch
1430 ~ 1630 Physical Activity
1630 ~ 1700 Tea
1700 ~ 1800 Sports
1800 ~ 2100 Dinner
2100 ~ 2230 Night Class
2230 ~ 2300 Supper
2300 ~ 0530 Lights Out
Every morning, I have to wake up early at 5:30 a.m. in the morning! @.@ Who on earth gets up at this HOUR?!? And we sleep at close to midnight every night. ONLY 5 HOURS OF SLEEP! T.T Moving on to the classes...

When the classes are on going, everyone is "fishing". (meaning that everyone is falling asleep listening to the speaker). And the worse part is, when the speaker is speaking, there will be officers walking around to make sure no one sleeps. One time, a boy was brought up forward to the stage because he slept. =.= Anyway, the sessions are actually quite interesting if you pay attention 100%, but it is so hard to stay awake, because of the heavy activities throughout the day, and waking up so EARLY in the morning. The only activity I HATE now are the kawating (marching) activities, because it is under the HOT HOT SUN! But am looking forward to the sports (hiking, flying fox, water activities, etc...) =D.

Moving on to the FOOD! =D The food there is not bad, I guess...? We have 6 meals a day! (I hope it helps me get FAT! @.@ Since so many people wants me to...) The only thing is it's always fried meat or fish, with curry, veggies and fruit (apples, pears and watermelon... so far). =D

And, every night, when I sleep, I sleep with ants! =.= There are a LOT of ants crawling about there. When I sleep, I suspect that there are at least a hundred ants that crawl over me... @.@

Pictures of the camp site! I forgot to take the picture of the male toilet though... Shall make a mental note to take a picture of that when I go back on Sunday... XD

Rest area.
My EX-dorm (D-1).
My EX-room with orange light! (I prefer this room!)Know why it is so hot in my room? Look at the fans!
The guys canteen.The old kawat padang (where we meet every night at 11:00 p.m.).
Leaving from PLKN Kuala Nerang to Shahab Perdana.
I liked my old room better than my current one! I prefer my old roommates (although there is 6 of us compared to my current one of 5)! T.T Oh well, I shall have to live with my new roommates for a month (at least) before I can get out for form 6! Argh!

I don't wanna go back to PLKN! =( It's torturing! Somebody help me!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beautiful Nature... Up in Cameron Highlands! =)

Cameron Highlands! A land of beautiful flowers and scenary. A place where you can appreciate nature and just have some time to relax...

I admire those youths who stay in Cameron Highlands. They just don't know how lucky they are. The schools they go to are not hot and stuffy, unlike in Alor Setar... it is hot like an OVEN!

Oh well... Getting back to nature...! I took some photos of flowers and trees. Hope you appreciate the beauty of them like I do! =)

I was lucky enough to get this shot of this humming bumblebee buzzing for nectar =)...Something unrelated... Spider! O.O

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today oh today,
At 8 in the morning,
I departed from home,
on bike to stadium,
to bid my friends a sad goodbye.

They were leaving for NS,
a place they dread to be,
I wished them best of luck,
and a hug goodbye.

The bus started to move,
with my friends on board,
I waved to them,
and they waved back,
with a sad smile.

Tomorrow oh tomorrow,
At 8 in the morning,
I shall recieve the same fate,
with bag and pail in hand.

Meeting with two friends,
my class and school mates,
at the stadium for the bus.
And thus,
my NS life has begun.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Humongous Pipe!

Look at this pipe! It's huge! I could just walk right in (with a little bending though.. hehe...)

I was tempted to walk in, but unfortunately there was a gap between the pipe and where I was. Btw, this was taken in Cameron Highlands during SU Kedah Camp 2010. And fyi, this pipe is located at the park.
I wonder what mysterious creature is lurking in there... Can you see a light coming out from the hole?

I played with my camera's exposure settings, and I managed to get a shot of what was ACTUALLY inside (lol..).
I think it's more pipes inside? And either a wire or a water pipe? But I think it's a wire, it looks too thin to be a water pipe.

And oh, I was thinking, imagine if the water was coming out through the pipe at full capacity, wouldn't the park beside it be flooded? = =

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hill Climbing @ Cameron Highlands! :)

Climb climb climb, up the hill! =)

SU Kedah Camp 2010 @ Cameron Highlands
continuation. :)

I was leading a group, and a new camper arrived!... with Uncle Yeang Boon, Samuel is his name! =) And I was thinking to myself, finally! There is someone "old" in my group! =D
Ah, life for the campers was easy, compared to SUSOM. We only need to wash the cups, the plates, spoons and forks, the management will kao tim. But! Look at Joyce complaining... =P

Dia sikit pun complain dah... =P

Anyway, in the afternoon, we hiked up one of the hills in Cameron. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the hill we climbed. But I know, the route we took was the route that once STOOD a watchtower for tourists to climb up to admire the view of Cameron Highlands.

We had lunch at the park. And bare in mind, if you are under the sun too long, although it's cool, you'll get sun burnt (advice from Sarah! =D).
Thus... Begins our hiking journey...
The weather was prefect.

It was a sunny afternoon,
with tall trees surrounding us,
as we prod up the hill.
Some were sprinting ahead,
some lugged behind.

It was a pleasant a cool hike,
With a cool breeze now and then,

Up the rather little hill.

As we reached the peak,

We found out,
To our utter disappointment,

The sight of the watchtower, collaps
Eaten by termites!
And thus, our hike up for nothing. =(
The notice states, "Watch Tower Temporary Close. Work in Progress."
Work in progress, huh? There was no sign of work being done to restore the watchtower...
The "remains" of the tower.
Anyway, the group I was in, got lost in the jungle! O.O The group in front of us went so far ahead, until when we reached a path that diverged into two, we didn't know which to take. Therefore, I called Joyce! (Amazingly, the line at the hills are at full bar! ...with HSPDA signal some more!!! O.O)

When we finished the hike, some of the campers were looking for four-leaf clovers (which none of them found.. =D).
A three leaf clover.
At night, we had treasure hunt! We had some tricky questions, and a few weird places where they hid the clues..P.S. March march around the building 7 times! xD

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Me and My Big Mouth.... @.@

Just yesterday I was saying to myself, "PLKN letter never come, no need to go!". And yesterday itself I received a registered mail from Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara. =.=

And, why must the letter be so THICK?!? Got so many borang to fill.

Let me see... The borangs:
  1. Senarai Semak Notis Pemberitahuan Peserta.
    First of all, a checklist for the number of forms. =.=
  2. Notis Pemberitahuan Peserta dan Slip Pergerakan.
    The main letter with the location and time where we will be gathering, and also the bus ticket. =.=
  3. Buku Panduan Peserta.
    This book contains the akta on PLKN, the telephone numbers of the respective clinics for all the states where we will have our medical checkup, and what we must or must not bring.
  4. Borang 1 (Borang Penangguhan).
    This is one form I won't use... I wish I could though... T.T
  5. Borang Permohonan Pengecualian.
    Another form that I won't use... T.T
  6. Borang Perakuan Kesihatan / Pemeriksaan Kesihatan.
    Medical checkup form?
  7. Borang Pendaftaran Peserta (Lampiran G).
    Registration form?
  8. Surat Kebenaran Pengendalian Senjata M16 (Lampiran I).
    This is a must fill form! xD
  9. Garis Panduan Tatacara Pengendalian Pemeriksaan Perubatan Peserta PLKN olehPegawai Perubatan dan Pakar Perubatan.
  10. Borang Kebenaran Ibubapa/Penjaga.
    Parental approval form.
  11. Spesifikasi Perkhidmatan Perlindungan Insuran bagi pelatih PLKN.
So many forms, right?

And, where am I to get a pakaian tradisi? =.= I don't think I have ever worn one.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PLKN Kumpulan 2 Siri 7/2010... :(

Aren't I supposed to get either news in the newspaper or in form of a letter about NS? The letter is supposed to tell us what we are to bring and a rough idea of what to expect, right? And, all of friends who I know that got selected haven't got any news or their letters yet...

No news, no go?
No letter, no go? =D

P.S. If I go, come visit me ya... =)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Veggies & Fruits Anyone? :)

I was at JUSCO the other day. And since I had to wait for my parents to shop shop shop... I took a few pics...

Bananas for SALE!
I was playing with the exposure of my camera and I thought this would be a great picture to take.

(Psst... Pisang Emas going cheap! Calling once, calling twice! Only RM0.32 per 100 gram! But, I wouldn't buy, it has so many black spots already!)

Another shot. Which do you prefer? The original shot? Or the one with exposure set at -1?
Original exposure setting...Exposure set at -1.
To me, I'd prefer the one with the exposure set at -1. What say you? =)

o veggies anyone? =D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Paddington house of Pancakes! :)

Welcome to.... Paddington house of Pancakes! :)

Just two days ago, I was in Penang with my family. We pushed off at around 9 and arrived @ Queensbay mall just in time for breakfast! :) And we decided to have it @ Paddington house of Pancakes! :)
There was no one there at all, not a single customer (I wonder were we the first that day...) was to be seen. Anyway, back to the pancakes!

This was not my first time here, I think it's my second or third time already. The food served has pancakes, whether it's the main course, the appetizer, or the dessert, EVERY single dish has pancakes! (and I'm not kidding!) =)

So, for pancake fans, this is a MUST try restaurant! :)
The menu...
And, if you have a Hong Leong Bank Credit or Debit card, kids eat for FREE! :) That's how my sister ate her kiddo meal for free.
My sis's kiddo meal...
Notice the fried thing, it's pancake... fried!Mine! =) Called California.My dad's.
So, a BIG fan of pancakes? Mmmm... Makan at Paddington house of pancakes! :)

Name: Paddington house of Pancakes.
Location: Queensbay Mall, Penang.
Type of Food: Western, Pancakes, Desserts.
Food Presentation: 9/10.
Delicious-O-Meter: 7/10.
Service-O-Meter: 9/10.
Ambiance-O-Meter: 8/10.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kedah SU Camp 2010 @ Cameron Highlands! :)

Let's see... Once upon a time, in the wee hours of the morning of a Monday, 50 over people gathered together, and met in PERUDA because.......

.......Kedah SU Camp 2010 STARTED! =DI have not attended Kedah SU Camp since I was in Form 4? That time, it was in Harvest Heaven, Perak. I missed it when I was in Form 5 (Tapah) and Form 3 (Cameron Highlands).Getting back to Kedah SU Camp 2010... This year's was in Cameron Highlands (again..) in I.J. Barre! I think the number of campers is one of the biggest (or maybe the biggest) in known history (to me =P). This year, we have a fully loaded bus, and 4 additional cars (not to mention that one of them is a Toyota Unser!) And oh, I was sitting in the Toyota Unser (so I don't know any stories that happened in the bus!).

Wondering why I got the chance to take a picture of the tollgates?
The tollgate after Sungai Petani...
We stopped here because.... Pastor and Uncle Kenny had to pick up campers from Sungai Petani!

We made a few stops here and there... There was one time where Aaron had to do big business, therefore a special stop was made for him. Then, we stopped at the scheduled stop for refreshments and refreshing up. Another stop was lunch, before going up Cameron Highlands... =)
Yi En just loves the pillar... =DYi En trying to harden her melted chocolate bar... = =

I.J. Barre! I arrived there earlier than the bus (of course, the bus had to slowly lug up the hill).The first thing we did, ICE-BREAKERS! It's a tradition start for every camp (I think, I can't think of a camp that I attended which didn't start with ice-breakers.... except SUSOM of course, but it's not a camp anyway, it's a programme... =D).
Ice-breakers... =D
Ah, I think I'll blog about the important highlights of the camp later... =)
Who is cuter? The dog... or Aaron (boooo!) LOL! (Joking! =P)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Back from Kedah SU Camp! =)

My blog looks rather dead for the past week...

Just back from Kedah SU Camp 2010 in Cameron Highlands! There were more than 60 people in total that attended this camp (including officers!) =D

I shall blog more about it when I have more time! =)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

SUSOM @ KT! (Continued...)

I haven't been updating much about SUSOM lately. I've been rather lazy and busy with getting my SPM results. For older posts on SUSOM, click here.

I'll fast forward a little, because the things we do in PJ are almost the same as the things we did in the first week.

21 January 2010
After our KL church deputations trip, our next trip would be to the East Coast, Kuala Terengganu! As usual, after breakfast, we headed to SU Office to load up the barang-barang and our luggage into the vans and cars. We were going in three different cars! One car belonged to SU, another FES, and the last car belonged to Jennifer. I was to sit in the FES car, the Toyota Unser with Jing! Uncle Jason was to drive, with Sieh Jin as his co-driver.
Heading to the SU Office with our luggage..We prayed before we left.
And I think Jing enjoyed being my partner in the car, right? She wanted to be taken pictures of over and over again.. =P (I had nothing to do in the car, so, I just took anything I saw, and Jing was so "desperate" to be taken picture of. =D).
One of my few photos.. =P
We had a short pit-stop after a toll (which toll I can't remember) for lunch. But all I can remember was, the highway was so NEW, but so EMPTY! And the stores at that rest area wasn't quite fully occupied, and there were no Chinese food sold there! So, all of us had to settle with either bread or nasi lemak.
The SU Staff taking photo of us...
I slept awhile after that, and when I next opened my eyes, KUALA TERENGGANU! =)
I think this must be the "china"town of Kuala Terengganu.
We were staying in an apartment, owned by one of the church members of the local church we were going to visit. After we settled down, we decided to "hunt" for our dinner!
The view from the apartment... (We were staying on the 11th floor)
Having our first dinner in KT... with a doctor (a friend of Sieh Jin's).
The food there was... not bad!

After dinner, we headed of to AOG Lifeline Church, to attend their Chinese Service, and Deborah would be sharing her SUSOM testimony! =)

I think the congregation of the church were very responsive? Uncle Jason talked about the rich man who had plenty of harvest but did not have enough place to store them. It was a good problem for that man, but he got greedy. I think many of us have these kinds of problem. I think we saw the power of God working in them that night! =)

Lifeline AOG Church Members buying books...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

J.CO Donuts & Coffee...

DONUTS!!! =) My Fav!

Unfortunately, eating too much doughnuts are unhealthy, according to the health experts. =(J.CO Donuts & Coffee, I've never heard of this doughnut franchise before, but since my uncle brought me here to try at Sunway Pyramid, I seized the opportunity! XD

I did some research about this J.CO Donuts & Coffee, and here is their website. It seems that this doughnut shop is originated from Indonesia, and they are only open in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
The doughnuts are not bad! I think the doughnuts here are better than Big Apple's or Dunkin' Doughnuts.. and even better than Krispy Kreme!

I also tried their chocolate ice-blended, which I think was not bad! =)
Location: Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid.
Doughnuts: 8/10
Drinks: 7/10
Price: Reasonable.
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 6/10