Monday, January 19, 2009

School... AGAIN... [Day 12]...

What can I say going back to school? Sien. After an extra long weekend, I am reluctant to go back to school. Yesterday was a public holiday as it was the Sultan's birthday of Kedah.

Today, as usual, we had our daily assembly. We had a little change of class timetable again, but it's still roughly the same as the old one. After assembly, we had this tutor period, which is basically a period to rest or sleep. Haha...

After tutor period, I had double Maths with Mr. Lim. He was still teaching Chapter 2. We're still sketching graphs in school on functions. Guess which teacher didn't show up again? My Moral teacher. He is one busy man. LOL!

I spent my recess time today with Joseph Foo in the library. Navine was suppose to meet me there too, to return me my BM tuition things, but he didn't show up. Grrrr.... Got BM homework haven't do yet!

After recess, I had double Chemistry with Puan Low. She did revision on Chapter 8 Salts. I wonder when she'll start on the Form 5 syllabus. I then had the three languages. English, Chinese and Malay. All very sien. Haha....

English teacher is still teaching the same old thing "Looking for a Rain God", and my Chinese teacher is still doing Chinese idioms and my Malay teacher is doing literature also. Every time their period, they will surely teach either literature or idioms. Very sien. Sigh! Why can't classes be more interesting?

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