Monday, December 31, 2007

Monday '311207

Hey guys! I just remembered, did you know that 2008, is a leap year? 2008 can be divided by 4, which is 502, making it a leap year. This means February will have 29 days, which is sad news... (Another extra day in school :( ) Haiz... Did you know that in old times, leap year was the time that woman can propose marriage? It started in Ireland, I think, this happened because woman waited too long for men to propose. But due to stricter rules then, woman was only allowed to pop the question to the guys on February the 29th which is the day in every four years. The funny part is, if the proposal was refused by the man, fines were levied. Compensation ranged from a kiss to silk gown, in order to soften the blow.

Did you know why leap years are added? I didn't know why until I was about 12. Well, leap year is added because the actual time it takes for Earth to travel around the Sun is in fact a little longer than 365 days. It's about 365 1/4 days (about 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds to be precise). Therefore our normal calender is incorrect, as it's different from the solar calendar. The calender year is a touch shorter than the calender year.

According to astrologers (doubt it's real), those born on 29th February, have unusual talents and personalities, reflecting their special status. Think it's real???

A Greek superstition also claims that any couple married during a leap year, will have bad luck. Weird!!! It's just like any normal day...

Did you know there was such a thing called a century year??? They are not leap years unless they can be divided by 400.

Well, it's close to 12... Say bye to 2007, and heeelllllooooooooo to 2008!

Happy New Year folks!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday '281207

I suddenly just realized how God has blessed me. I thank God for what He has done and given to me.
The most important thing I'm thankful for is of course, my family. My parents brought me up, protected me, and educated me. All these show their love for me. I also am very thankful for God blessing my family with a sister. Although sometimes we quarrel and fight, this doesn't lessen our love for each other. I don't mind losing all my possessions, but I mind losing my family. I visited Precious Home, an orphanage and saw kids with no parents, or either their parents were taking drugs or in prison for some kind of offences. I wouldn't want to end up like them. Who would want that?

The next thing I value is my health. Which it's important to survive in this world. I thank God for not having birth born diseases or catching any serious diseases. Life has no meaning to me without health. If you are the richest man on earth, but sick, you are not going to enjoy your wealth but use it to pay for medical fees. So to keep one healthy, I exercise weekly, climbing a small hill every Saturday and play squash every Friday. Care to join me? Haha...

Among all the things I have, I think i'm most thankful for my computer. It's the best thing I could have. It teaches me things in an interesting way, it also entertains me with computer games and videos. If I lost my computer, I would have lost a very important source of entertainment and an effective way of getting information and learning.

These are the things I am most thankful for. These cannot be measured in terms of money but only in terms of happiness.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

PMR result... haiz...

I knew I wouldn't get good results and I didn't...
Well, as expected... haiz... I got

Bahasa Melayu B
Wat a failure am I.... haiz... :(

Bahasa Inggeris A

Mathematics A

Science A

Sejarah A

Geografi A


Bahasa Cina B
thought i would get a C or D... what a relief... phew!

Damn... kinda disappointed. Haiz.... Wanted a 7 but only got a 6! And my school had 17 8 A's. Out of the 17, I think only a boy got 8A's and the rest are girls. 23 got 7 A's and 18 got 6 A's....
Gotta work harder!!!! & HARDER!!! & HARDER!!!!
Now.... gotta worry whether can get in Bio class a not.... 23+17=40 pupils. A class can take only maximum 45 pupils.... Who will be the lucky 5? Will I be one of them? Or I will be in the unlucky group? I want to go to Bio class!!!!! haiz....
Next year.... will be a nightmare... how many subjects am I going to take? Will I be able to cope?
Hrm.... Let's see...
Core subjects
1. Malay (stupid subject)
2. Chinese (another gone case)
3. English (1119 included)
4. Modern Maths (why don't they combine Additional Maths with Maths? After all, it's still Maths)
5. Moral (some subject that requires you to memorize 32 values-nilai)
6. History (killer subject)

Assuming I take pure science (which I hope for)
7. Biology (a science version of history)
8. Chemistry
9. Physics
10. Additional Mathematics (another killer subject)
11. EST (English for Science and Technology)

Optional (wish to take)
12. Principle of Accounts
13. Bible Knowledge
14. Geography (my mother is trying to discourage me from taking, but I like this subject)

So many subjects. My head's gonna blow!!!

2008. Resolutions. Resolutions.

2008, is coming soon. What are your resolutions next year? I have some. I got into trouble because of a few reasons this year. So next year I would like to change myself.

My first resolution is not put off things. Whenever I have something to do, I would say "Wait la" or "Later la". It really made my mother mad, because soon after that, I would forget what I was supposed to do, and get scolded and spoil the mood for everyone. Therefore, I must learn not to procrastinate.

My second resolution, is to think before I speak. Maybe this was the reason I lost some friends. I must learn to think before I talk although I seldom talk. I always regret what I say soon after. But I can't control it now. It's become a habit. I must resolve to complain less about others and not criticize others and praise them instead. This includes not talking to other people's secrets.

I think I wasted a lot of money this year on handphones. I think I wasted a lot on sms"ing". I need to spend my money prudently. I would have saved a lot if I had not wasted it on telephone cards.

I think my fourth resolution would be, being able to speak up. I want to be heard. I constantly find myself being quiet and shy. I want to be more talkative. Not that being too talkative is good. But i'm too quiet.This resolution is hard, but I'll try.

Next year, with these resolutions, I sure hope to have a better and happier year for me.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friends... Are they for real???

Sometimes I wonder what are friends for... Are friends really important? Do friends really make a difference in my life? Isn't one better off alone? This got me thinking.
The reason i'm writing this because I was betrayed a few days ago... Furthermore, a lot of things are crowding my mind. Studies. Form 4. Chinese. PMR result. & many more. I'm stressed up till I feel like breaking something!
Friends as we all know come from people you know and like of any age and sex.
To me, friends are needed to enjoy life with. If I say I enjoy playing Cluedo, but have no friends. I surely cannot play the game alone. Even if I could, it wouldn't be much fun.
Friends are also needed to help us when we are trouble. When others talk bad about us, they will be the first one to defend us. Few days ago, I was depressed about a few things, a friend advised me. I won't say who. But if you are reading this, I would like to thank you. It helped me a lot. I'm still stressed up but less now. With friends to help us when we are in trouble, it's not so bad. As the saying goes, "Trouble shared, is trouble halved".
Friends not only share sorrows, but happiness too. When we are successful or have succeeded, they too will be the first to congratulate us. With friends to share in our moments of happiness, it is multiplied. As "Joy shared, joy is doubled".

The cons of having friends are many too...
Some people are fair-weathered. They are people who are there for us when the times are good. But when we are down and out, they desert us. But, how do we identify them?
Another type of people that i'm aware are false friends. After they know everything about you, they betray you.
True friends are little, but fair-weathered and false friends are plentiful.
So, I advise you to choose your friends with great care. I don't want you to be betrayed. It's a not nice feeling. Bind your true friens with "hoops of steel" as William Shakespeare put it.

But, I choose the road to be a loner. I think it's better for me not to have friends. So, if I don't have any friends, what the heck? I'm happier without them... After all, nobody actually cares about me.. People seem to be too busy with their own lives and stuck in their group of friends...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas is Coming!!!

A song to celebrate Christmas!!!
O Holy Night (I like the Celine Dion version)

O Holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Til He appeared and the soul felt it's worth
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoyces
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees

O hear the angel voices
O night divine!
O night when Christ was born
O night divine!
O night, O night divine!

And in His Name, all oppression shall cease
Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we
Let all within us praise his holy name
Christ is the Lord!
Their name forever praise we

Noel, Noel
O night, O night Divine
Noel, Noel
O night, O night Divine
Noel, Noel
O night, O holy Divine

Thursday '131207

Hiya folks!
Last Wednesday I just went to Singapore to visit my cousins, maternal grandparents and Uncle Ad and Aunty FL. Unfortunately Uncle Al and Aunty K were not around...

Boy! Singapore is really different from Malaysia. Although Singapore is just a small island, I think it's better run than Malaysia.

In terms of cleanliness, I think I'd give Singapore an A. Don't see much rubbish everywhere. Their Majlis Bandaran equivalent very efficient. Here it is a different story altogether. You and I know that rubbish can be seen almost everywhere. In Singapore, the transport system is really good. All you need is the "Ez-Link" card to get around. The card it's just like a "Touch & Go" card. It deducts the loaded amount each time you use it on the MRT, LRT or bus. And the buses in Singapore are punctual. Need I comment on our public transportation? I think places like Penang would be better if they build their LRT. Talk is on..infact approval has been given. But it takes too long for authorities to get their butt moving!! So although Singapore's population is more than Penang's, the latter is still jammed-packed with cars. Better have the LRT or MRT up and running because it is not so costly. Further more it helps save the environment.

Singapore also takes cares of its environment. In Singapore, there are many trees. They provide shade for those on foot almost everywhere. Over here, trees are being cut down and not replanted. It's no wonder the air in Singapore seems cleaner and fresher. In Singapore, you can feast your eyes on so many things. For young teenagers like me, there are lots of new stuff for me to see and experience. (Lucky for them, unfortunate for me :( )
Saw some China made cars too. Not bad-lah. WHY aren't China cars sold here yet? My uncle says one can get a China made car for under S$2500, without the COE of course. There you have to buy a COE to own a car. COE(s) are more expensive than the cars, of course. But their cars are still quite affordable. I see lots of nice cars on the road. Anyway, is our government overprotecting Proton, depriving Malaysians of cheaper and perhaps even better alternatives? In terms of hawker food, Penang food is quite good but if you want to try fancy stuff, you are spoilt for choice in Singapore.

Food in Singapore is cheaper also, if you do not convert from RM to S$. For S$3, you can get a big bowl of curry mee. In Malaysia, RM3 also gets you a bowl of curry mee but the portion is much smaller. The libraries are much bigger in Singapore too. Aunty FL pointed out one in Orchard Rd which was a really huge building. She says she will bring me there during my next visit. Every floor is supposed to be filled with lots of books. I think even our National Library in KL can't compare in size.

One thing not so good about Singapore is that when you are there, you are required to do a lot of walking. Since parking from the destination is usually far and limited, you have to walk. You'll get blisters if you are not used to walking long distances. Well, anyway, I enjoyed my trip to Singapore. Shall post more on the places I visited later.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

2nd day in Sitiawan...

Woke up at around 11... (so I slept like a pig... :P) Got up and went straight for lunch.... In Sitiawan, lunch is different in the sense that they have it earlier (my opinion). Since I always have lunch at about 3, about 12 or close to 1, is quite early....but my grandparents and parents seemed lil cousin from KL was staying with our grandparents. So, he came along too. He gets along really fine with my lil sis.
My cute cousin with my sister... at a restaurant having lunch... (waiting for food)...
Well, what i had...
The famous ko ru - fish stomach... (which i don't really like, cause it has a funny taste)
Next dish... (a mouth watering dish)
Fried fish with yam... (the fried fish is nice but the yam is NOT!!!, hahax.... i never did like yam..)
hrm... this dish is ok, tofu with broccoli... (it was attacked before i got a change to snap it...)
and other dishes.... (was to lazy to snap.... because too hungry.... didn't eat breakfast ma... hahax). One of the dishes was fish (steamed), it was really nice. Because firstly, there was no fish smell and the meat was nice and soft. And most importantly because it had little bones....

Soon it was time to go home... (awwwww.........) hahax... Before going home, I had nothing to do, so i took a few pictures of my grandmother's mango trees. The tree was bearing fruit (even though it was not the season for mangoes).
Look how nice the mangoes are... (not quite ripe yet, but my grandmother gave me a box full of mangoes which are juicy and sweet).

On the way back, it was so boring in the car (it was a 3.5 hour ride, one could get bored to death).
LOOK! A star burst on my way home (o.o) haha...

A sign board up along the highway...
Telus - Truth
(thought it meant transparent??)
Jujur - Honour
(could it mean honest???)
Ikhlas - Respect???
(maybe sincerity???)
And this is an advertisement of a bank: Al-Rajhi Bank o.o
(Anyway, BM has never been my strongest maybe I am wrong)

Saw this car in AutoCity on the way back from Sitiawan... Isn't it just nice? Wish I could have it... (haiz...)..someday.....
Stopped from dinner at Subway.... enjoyed my meal.... (wish it wasn't so expensive and there was a branch in Alor Star. Alor Star is a city and it still doesn't have these kind of outlets....)

I wan it again........ I WAN!!!!

That's all for now....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday '011207

Just came back from Perak...visiting my grandparents...
Short visit...2 days only... left on Friday night and back on Saturday night... hahax... tiring journey, good thing I wasn't the driver... haha.... Unfortunately, my 3.5 hours was accompanied by just this...
Arrived and we immediately went for dinner. My parents always save their tummies for Sitiawan food. So we had to hold our stomach till we got to Sitawan. And I had dinner, the fu chow way... (was never fond of fu chow food :P)
what i ate:

Some soup with lots of tow fu....
Vegetables...Fried fish (the way i like it)
& chicken...
Fancy this kind of food? Go visit Sitiawan in Perak at this restaurant:
Restaurant Koping (look! it's empty)... haha

Shall post 2nd day later...
That's all for now... cya!