Tuesday, January 6, 2009

School... [Day 3]...

The weather here is getting go FREAKING HOT! How can one spend time under the sun these days? Sports day is coming up soon and so are the practices for it. Urgh! Thinking about running under the hot blazing sun at 4:30 in the afternoon makes me sick. It's unimaginable. I'll be dark by the time the sports sessions are over.

Today, finally after two days at school, the moral teacher showed himself in class. He told us about the folios we have to complete for SPM. I'm going to get a headache completing them. Why in the first place do we need to do these folios? It's such a waste of time. Doing these folios does us no good at all. It's wasting our time. Furthermore, the teacher doesn't permit us to print our folios out. I don't understand why the teacher doesn't allow though. We're living in the modern age, and he insists on us writing. Furthermore, printing makes things look neater.

My English and Mathematics teacher continued teacher what they were teaching yesterday. In Maths, we learned about writing a number in expanded notation and converting a number from base two, five or eight to base ten and vise versa. It was kinda boring today.

During Malay period, the teacher started on the novel. This means, I really need to start reading the novel a few times through to familiarize myself. This novel is entitled Julia. During history lesson, we learned about the factors affecting imperialism happened in South-East Asia.

And the last period of the day is Chinese. He let us do summary, last year's SPM question. It was SUPER HARD to me! I'm sure gonna fail Chinese. Help!

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