Thursday, August 27, 2009

Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit...

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes
And no one knows
What it's like to be hated
To be fated to telling only lies

But my dreams they aren't as empty

As my conscience seems to be
I have hours, only lonely
My love is vengeance
That's never free

No one knows what its like
To feel these feelings
Like i do, and i blame you!
No one bites back as hard
On their anger
None of my pain and woe
Can show through


Discover l.i.m.p. say it [x4]
No one knows what its like
To be mistreated, to be defeated
Behind blue eyes
No one knows how to say
That they're sorry and don't worry
I'm not telling lies


No one knows what its like
To be the bad man, to be the sad man
Behind blue eyes.


I reaped open my old camera, that I accidentally spoiled. It was an interesting experience. It's not every time you get to reap the camera apart.

I started with the outer cover (front). I got this:
Next part: Reaping off the batteries, and the other outer cover (back). End result: The screen is one of the most expensive parts of the camera. Next, the sensor! Also one of the most expensive parts of the camera. The sensor is transparent, but due to the reflection of light, I only can capture it red in color. =.= Next part, the flash, which is activated by a charge! The remaining parts taken apart by me and my sister. =) We had loads of fun taking it apart! You should try it too!

Tagged by Joyce and Yi En... =.=

Rules: Once you've been tagged, Fill this out and repost as, "My Autobiography" And use your own answers, not anyone else's.

1. Where did you take your profile pic?
In church...
2. What exactly are you wearing right now?
And shirt from Sabah and some beach pants... =)
3. What is your current problem?
SPM Trials. In 115 hours!
4. What makes you happy most?
Making Joyce crazy! ^^ Joking...
5. What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
1973 - James Blunt
6. Any celeb you would marry?
7. Name someone with the same birthday as you?
Jonin. Miley Cyrus! =)
8. Ever sang in front of a large audience?
Urm. I don't think so. Define large.
9. Has anyone ever said you look like a celebrity?
10. Do you still watch kiddie movies or kiddie TV shows?
No. Do cartoons count?
11. Do you speak any languages?
Any? Of course. I'm using a language to type now.
12. Has anyone you've been really close with passed away?
No. I hope not.
13.Do you ever watch MTV?
If I have time.
14. What is something that really annoys you?
A bugging bugger.

Chapter 1:=====================
1. Middle name:
Urm. Which one?
2. Nickname(s):
Alien? Danny?
3. Current location:
Alor Stuck.
4. Eye color:
Chapter 2:=====================
1. Do you get along well with your parents?
I think so.
Chapter 3: Favorites===========================
1. Ice cream
2. Season:
3. Shampoo/conditioner:
Chapter 4: Do You...===========================
1. Dance in the shower?
2. Do you write on your hand?
No. Dirty.
3. Call people back?
Yes. It's rude not to call back.
4. Believe in love?
Which normal human being doesn't?
5. Any bad habits?
A few.
6. Any mental health issues?
Chapter 5: Have You...=============================
1. Broken a bone?
2. Sprained anything?
3. Had physical therapy?
I don't think so.
4. Gotten stitches?
I think so.
5. Taken painkillers?
Urm. Maybe?
6. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling?
Sadly, no.
7. Been stung by a bee?
9. Sworn in front of your parents?
Urm. Maybe. I can't recall.
10. Had detention?
Fortunately, Malaysia's education system doesn't include detentions... =)

Chapter 6: Who/What was the last===================================
1. Movie you watched:
Urm. I can't remember. Fast and Furious 3?
2. Three people to text you?
3. Person you called?
I think it's XY.
5. Person you tackled?
I'm not sure.
6. Person you talked to on MSN?
Joyce Tan. She bullied me. =(
7. Thing you touched?
Obviously the keyboard? If not, how these letters appear?
8. Thing you ate?
A bowl of curry mee.
9. Thing you drank?
Plain old water!
10. Thing you said?
You got a medal?

HOW I END MY SENTENCES===============================
1. My ex: is somewhere out there with another guy.
3. I love: God, my family and friends.
4. People would say that I: have had highness for the past few days.
5. I don't understand: why Moral is a compulsory subject, and why does the Malaysian government needs to hide the actual number of people dying and confirmed cases of H1N1.
6. When I wake up in the morning: I was thinking "Urgh! Another day closer to SPM Trials!".
7. I lost my: sense.
8. Life is full of: uphills and downhills, emotional and happy times.
9. My past: is full of regret.
10. I get annoyed very quickly when: someone irritates me.
11. Parties are: for celebrations.
12. I wish life was/had: [was] easier.
13. Dogs are: cute, only some of them.
14. Cats are: cute, but only some of them.
15. Tomorrow is: a day closer to SPM Trials and MYF!
16. I have a low tolerance for: people who make me annoyed.
17. If I had a million dollars I would: keep them in the bank.
18. I'm totally terrified of: you?
I tag all!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dunkin' Doughnuts!

I had the chance to eat Dunkin' Doughnuts! All the way from KL! It's super delicious! But super sweet though...
Thanks A. Nancy!

… I wish I had done it the other way.

This is a story I wrote. It's not a true story.

Last Sunday, a group of friends and I wanted to catch a 3 o’clock movie at Alor Setar Mall. A new movie had just been released, and we wanted to be the first in town to watch it. But first, we had to pick Shuang from her apartment.

We headed up to the 14th floor as her apartment was on that floor. After much chit-chatting at her place and a few drinks, we headed down to the car. We pressed the button to call the elevator up to take us down to the ground floor. Suddenly, the electricity just went out! Irritated, we headed to the emergency staircase.

After going down 9 levels of stairs, to our dismay, we found out that we couldn’t go down any further. The stairs was under maintaince. The cement of the stairs was still wet and we couldn’t use it. Navine, who was quick to express his anger, cursed those in charge of making the repairs, saying that they were irresponsible as they did not prepare another route for people living on the apartment to get down. Zhean Wei, who was always full of ideas, devised a plan for us to get down.

One of his brilliant ideas was to sling down a rope from the fifth floor and each of us would slid down onto the bottom. Another idea he thought of was to get some sort of material, and use it as a slide so that we could slide down the wet cement part of the stairs. Out of the 8 of us, 6 of us agreed to slid down the rope, while the other 2 were afraid, and said that it was very dangerous without safety precautions.

The 6 of us, found some rope, and Zhean Wei slid down the rope first, and he got down safely to the ground floor. But still, the 2 weren’t convinced that it was safe. Slowly, one by one, each of us slid down. When it reached by turn, I was slightly nervous. I was afraid of heights! What will happen if the rope suddenly snapped? But still, not waiting to be labeled a “coward”, I slowly climbed over the wall and slid down the rope. When I was about 3 floors away from the ground, the rope snapped! And there was I, clinging onto the pipe that was stuck onto the wall. Those on the ground floor helpless and shouted for me not to let go and they would get help. I was so scared, and wanted to faint. The other two who wanted to build the slide were already with them because they had some a long plank and slid past the wet cement. I wished I had done it the other way!

Monday, August 24, 2009


合唱:江美琪 王光良

合唱:江美琪 王光良





Saturday, August 22, 2009

Brother's Day + Sam's Birthday!

Firstly, I wanna say that brother's day was great! The sister's did an awesome presentation! They did some sort of video presentation. They wanted to outdo what the brothers did for sister's day. BUT! The STRAWBERRY JAM SUCKERS ROCK!
Chocolate chip ice-cream and Sarsi don't go well with each other. Trust me.
I caught someone in act.
The night was still young. Next stop, Uncle John! To celebrate Samuel C's birthday!

Uncle John.
Quite a number of us went. Sarah and Lydia were the "jukeboxes". Haha... Anyway,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The 100m Record.. Broken Again!!!

Usain Bolt! A history maker! He has broke the world record for 100m three times already! He's the fastest man in the world! Congrats in his win the World Championships! And achieving a record time of 9.58s!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The 3 Stupid Stages of Life...

An interesting e-mail sent Joanne Ooi. by The 3 stupid stages of life. There should be some way to change it.

Teen Age:
Have Time + Energy ... but No Money
Working Age:
Have Money + Energy... but No Time.
Old Age:
Have Money + Time ... but No Energy.

Isn't there a better way to change the 3 stages of life? Are we born on Earth just to work and die?

Sarah's Tag... XD

Dear Sarah,
I don't really know how to tell you this, (our socks don't match). I think I realized it (when your dog humped my leg) (outside your office) and I saw you (carve your initials into) (the elephant in the corner). I'm sure you're (shamed) enough to understand (that the middle-east is planning their revenge on you). I'm returning your (toe ring) to you, but I'll keep (your photo with the mustache drawn on) as a memory. You should also know that I (will not tell the authorities that you stole the whale from the backyard) and (I'm off to lead a new life as a lemon).
(Go drown yourself),



Here's how you do it:
Dear (someone you recently talked to),
I don't really know how to tell you this,(1). I think I realized it (2)(3) and I saw you (4)(5). I'm sure you're (6) enough to understand (7). I'm returning your (8) to you, but I'll keep (9) as a memory. You should also know that I (10) and (11).

(Your name)

1) What's the color of your shirt?

Blue - I'm in love with your cat
Red - Our affair is over

White - I’m joining the Convent

Black -Our romance is over Green- Our socks don't match
Grey - You're a leprechaun

Yellow - I'm selling myself for candy

Pink - Your nostrils are insulting

Brown - The mafia wants you

No shirt - Purple hedgehogs want to destroy you

Other -I dislike your eyelashes

2) Which is your birth month?

January - That night you picked your nose

February -When I quoted Forrest Gump

March - When your dwarf bit me

April - When I tripped on peanut butter
May - When I threw up in your sock drawer

June - When you put cuffs on me

July – When I saw the purple monkey

August - When you smacked my ass
September - Last year when you peed your pants

October - When we skinny dipped in the bathtub
November - When your dog humped my leg
December - When I finally changed my underwear

3) Which food do you prefer?
Tacos - When we skinny dipped in the bathtub

Chicken- In your car
asta - Outside of your office

Hamburgers - Under the bus
Salad – As you were eating Kraft Dinner
Lasagna - In your closet Kebab - With Jean Chrétien
Fish - In a clown suit Sandwiches - At the Elton John concert
Pizza - At the mental hospital
Hot dog - Under a street light

Other - With George Bush and Stephen Harper

4) What's the color of your socks?

Yellow - Ignore

Red - Put whipped cream on

Black - Hit on

Blue - Knock out

Purple - Pour syrup on

White - Carve your initials into
Grey - Pull the clothes off
Brown - bit of
Orange - Castrate

Pink - Pull the pants off of

Barefoot - Sit on

Other - Drive over

5) What's the color of your underwear?
Black - My boyfriend
White - My father

Grey – The Catholic Priest

Brown – The Montreal Canadian’s goalie
Purple - My corned beef hash
Red – My knee caps
Blue - My salt-beef bucket

Yellow - My illegitimate child in Ghana

Orange - My Blink 182 cd

Pink – Your ‘My Little Pony’ collection
Other --The elephant in the corner

6) What do you prefer to watch on TV?
One Tree Hill - Senile

Heroes- Frostbitten

Lost - High
Simpsons- Cowardly

The news - Scarred

American Idol - Masochistic

Family Guy - Open
Top Model - Middle-class

Other -shamed

7) Your mood right now?

Happy - How awful you are

Sad - How boring you are

Bored - That I get turned on only by garbage men

Angry - That your smell makes me vomit

Depressed – That we’re related

Excited - That I may pee my pants

Nervous - The middle-east is planning their revenge on you

Worried - That your Ford sucks

Apathetic - That you need a sex-change

Silly - That I'm allergic to your earlobes
Cuddly - That Santa doesn't exist
Ashamed - That there is no solution to you being a dumb kid

Other - That your driving sucks

8) What's the color of your walls in your bedroom?

White - Your toe ring

Yellow - Your love letters to me

Red - The pictures from Vegas
Black - Your pet rock
Blue - The couch cushions
Green - Your car

Orange - Your false teeth

Brown - Your nose hair clippers

Grey - Our matching snoopy underwear

Purple - Your old New Kids on the Block blanket

Pink - The cut toenails
Other - Your Hannah Montana underwear

9) The first letter of your first name?

A/B - My virginity

C/D - Your photo with the mustache drawn on it

E/F - Your neighbors dog
G/H - The oil tank from your car

I/J - Your left ear
K/L - The results of that blood-sample

M/N - Your glass eye

O/P - My common sense

Q/R - Your mom

S/T - Your collection of butterflies
U/V - Your criminal record

W/X – Your sucide note

Y/Z - Your credit cards

10) The last letter in your last name?

A/B - Love your sweet, sweet ass
C/D - Always will remember the pep talks

E/F -Never will forget that night

G/H – Will not tell the authorities that you stole the whale from the backyard.
I/J – Mocked you behind your back constantly
K/L - Hate your cooking

M/N - Told in my confession today about the moose poaching

O/P - Told my psychiatrist about the bruises
Q/R - Always wanted to break your legs

S/T - Get sick when I think of your feet

U/V - Will try to forget that you broke my heart

W/X - Haven’t showered in a month

Y/Z – am better off without you

11) What do you prefer to drink?

Wine- Our friendship is ruined

Soft drink – I’m off to lead a new life as a lemon

Soda – I will haunt you when I’m reincarnated as an Eskimo
Milk - The apartment building is on fire

Water – I'm scratching my butt as you read this

Cider– I have a passionate interest for mice

Juice – You ruined my attempts at another world war

Mineral/Vitamin water – You should get that embarrassing rash checked

Hot chocolate – Your Cucumber-fetishism is weird

Whiskey - I love Oprah Winfrey

Beer – Thanks for the Cocaine
Other – you should stop picking your nose

12) To which country would you prefer to go on a vacation?

Thailand – Warm tingly sensations

Australia - Best of luck on the sex change
France - Love always

Spain - With tears of sadness

China – You make me sick
Germany – Please don’t hurt me
Japan - Go milk a cow
Greece - Your everlasting enemy

USA - Greetings to your frog Leonard
Egypt – Kiss my butt

England - Go drown yourself

Joyce! XD
Xuelin! (Have a good laugh!)
Tim C
Yi Jing?
And any other people who wanna do this hilarious tag!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 5 Love Languages According to Dr. Gary Chapman...

The Five Love Languages.

My primary love language is probably
Quality Time.
with a secondary love language being
Physical Touch.

Complete set of results

Quality Time:
Physical Touch:
Words of Affirmation:
Acts of Service:
Receiving Gifts:


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

My Saviour Lives - New Life Worship...

Our God will reign forever
And all the world will know His name
Everyone together sing the song of the redeemed

I know that my redeemer lives
And now I stand on what He did
My Saviour, my Saviour lives
Every day a brand new chance to say
"Jesus, You are the only way"
My Saviour, my Saviour lives

The King has come from Heaven
And darkness trembles at His name
Victory forever is the song of the redeemed

I know that my redeemer lives
And now I stand on what He did
My Saviour, my Saviour lives
Every day a brand new chance to say
"Jesus, You are the only way"
My Saviour, my Saviour lives

My Saviour lives, My Saviour lives, My Saviour lives
My Saviour lives, My Saviour lives, My Saviour lives

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Silly School Rules?

Here are the few new school rules that were just implemented in my school (which I didn't know till I read Yi Jing's blog post):
  1. Students are not allowed out of class no matter on ada hal atau tidak.
  2. All students are not allowed to go to the toilet during school hours, except for recess time and before assembly.
  3. All students are not allowed into the teacher's office.
  4. All students will be caned if caught out of class during school hours no matter what, except recess and before assembly.
What's with the school authorities not letting students go to the toilet during class time? Why constrict our basic necessities? Passing urine is something a normal human being needs to do everyday. Why are the school authorities disrupting nature? Do the school authorities think that us, students' bladders have a big capacity hold so much urine? Did you know that our human bladder can only hold up to approximately a litter of urine only? Don't you think this rule is a little unreasonable? In that case, if teachers don't let us go to the toilet, let's do our 'business" in the corridors or in class!

And why aren't student allowed into the teacher's office? How are we going to get a teacher in an emergency? And, how are we students going to seek for help in our studies if in the first place, we can't even step into the teacher's office?

And, I thought we were in a democratic nation? I thought we are not guilty until proven wrong? If the student is out with a teacher's permission, and us, students get caned. Isn't this a little unfair to us? Which teacher thought of this brilliant idea? Take an example, if the student sick and needs to the go to the toilet to vomit, and the student is caught by the discipline teacher, and gets caned. Isn't it unfair to that student???

The new school rules suck!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Have you read the news lately? Have you seen the drastic increase of number of people being infected with H1N1? Even the number of deaths related to H1N1 is increasing rapidly in every country in the world!
"Six more deaths from A(H1N1), bringing total number to 32."
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 (Bernama) -- Six more deaths from Influenza A(H1N1) were confirmed Monday, bringing the total number of cases to 32 in the country so far...

"H1N1 toll in India rises, hits Bollywood, badminton."
MUMBAI (Reuters) - Schools, malls and cinema halls in some cities in western India have shut and Bollywood shoots cancelled as the toll from the H1N1 pandemic rose to eight....
Isn't this news just scary? Start taking precautions from now on! Better safe than sorry...

Symptoms of A(H1N1)
in people include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. A significant number of people who have been infected with this virus also have reported diarrhea and vomiting. Severe illnesses and death has occurred as a result of illness associated with this virus. So, people, beware!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thug Story...

I'm like 8 foot 4, blond hair to the floor
You shorties never thought I dreamed about rapping hardcore

No I ain't got a gun
No I never really been in a club
Still live with my parents
But I'm still a thug

I'm so gangsta you can find me baking cookies at night
You out clubbing, but I just made caramel delight
T swift and t pain rappin on the same track
It's a thug story tell me can you handle that

I had a dream last night I had high-top NIkes
I had diamonds in my mouth, and diamonds on my mic
By the time I woke I was singing "I'M ON A BOOOOAAT"

Cuz I'm a singer turned rapper
Shorty I'm a make ya
Straight to the top, yo
Shorty I'm a take ya

You can call me T Sweezy now I'm a rap star
Hey it's a thug story now tell them who you are

Singer turned gangsta
You don't wanna fight me
Straight to the top
In my extra small white tee

T swift and t pain all up on the same track
It's a thug story tell now can you get with that

What! What! I knit sweaters yo!
What! What! don't test me [bleep]

Hey hold on, hold on I didn't even say anything
I said "yo"
You guys bleeped me and I didn't even say anything
I didn't even swear

Haha... I like this song sang by Taylor Swift! I didn't know she could rap...

Dan's Blahs on the Book of Luke... [Chapter 3]...

Let me see... Where have I stopped at, oh ya, Chapter 2!

The story then focuses back on the ministry of John the Baptist. John went through the whole territory of Jordan River and preached about the word of God. Many were baptized by him. Some tax collectors who were baptized ask him what should they do. John said "Don't collect more than is legal." Some solders who were baptized also asked him the same question, and John replied "Don't take money from anyone or accuse anyone falsely." Some of the people who were baptized by him were debating whether he was Messiah that was prophesied years ago. John was put in prison by Governor Herod, because he had married Herodias, the brother's wife.

Now, one very important man was also baptized by John the Baptist. In his years in the Jordan River baptizing people, he also baptized Jesus!

To me, I think what John said was very logical and also very true.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Little Poetry I Wrote...

A candle blew out,
darkness came,
a boy fled,
not heard nor seen ever again.

As time chimed on,
the boy was forgotten,
alone and lost,
the one who was forgotten.

The sun sets,
the moon reveals itself,
the boy sits there near a stream,
looking at his reflection.

Reflecting on himself,
pondering on the what,
that could have been,
lost in thought.

He wished,
he could turn back time,
correcting his mistakes and sorrows,
into long forgotten memories.

If Today Was Your Last Day...

My best friend gave me the best advice
He said each day's a gift and not a given right
Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind
And try to take the path less traveled by
That first step you take is the longest stride

If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last
Leave old pictures in the past?
Donate every dime you had, if today was your last day?
What if, what if, if today was your last day?

Against the grain should be a way of life
What's worth the price is always worth the fight
Every second counts 'cause there's no second try
So live like you're never living twice
Don't take the free ride in your own life

If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past?
Donate every dime you had?

And would you call those friends you never see?
Reminisce old memories?
Would you forgive your enemies?
And would you find that one you're dreaming of?
Swear up and down to God above
That you'd finally fall in love if today was your last day?

If today was your last day
Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart?
You know it's never too late to shoot for the stars
Regardless of who you are

So do whatever it takes
'Cause you can't rewind a moment in this life
Let nothing stand in your way
'Cause the hands of time are never on your side

If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past?
Donate every dime you had?

And would you call those friends you never see?
Reminisce old memories?
Would you forgive your enemies?
And would you find that one you're dreaming of
Swear up and down to God above
That you'd finally fall in love if today was your last day?
I think the lyrics of this song really means a lot. Are you living your life like it was your last day? Each day is a gift, and not a given right. God could take your life anytime He wants. I think the words of the lyrics says it all. Read it.

Live your life like it were your last day on Earth, live a life with God first.

My Kind Of Girl... Tagged by Joyce... =.=

Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your blog post.

if you a guy- post this as my kind of girl.
if your a girl- post it as my kind of boy.

1.Do you need him/her to be good looking??

2. Smart?

3. Preferred age?
+ / - 2 years?

4. Preferred height?
Shorter than me?

5. How about sense of humor?

6. How about piercings?
Definitely not!

7. Accepts you for who you are?
Yes. One of the many elements of building a stable relationship, no matter is friendship or any relationship.

8. Pink hair?
Har? I don't think so.

9. Mushy or no?

10. Thin or fat?
Thin? Well built?

11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?
White? Haha...

12. Long hair or short hair?
Hrm... Eiter

13. Plastic or metal?

14. Smells good?
Is this a logic question?

15. Smoker?
No! Say no to smoking!

16. Drinker?

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
If we are suitable?

18. Musically inclined?
I hope so.

19. Plays piano?
Sure. Why not?

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?

21. Plays violin?

22. Sings very good?

23. Vain?

24. With glasses?
With or without, it's fine with me.

25. With braces?
The questions are getting a little nonsensical. Ok.

26. Shy type?

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
A little bit of both worlds?

28. Active or passive?

29. Tight or bomb?
WOW! I don't understand this question.

30. Singer or dancer?

31. stunner?

32. Hiphop?

33. Earrings?
A girl likes earrings, don't they?

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?

35. Dimples?
Can a...

36. Bookworm?
Not too much.

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?

38. Playful?

39. Flirt?
With one guy at the time only.

40. Poem writer?

41. Serious?

42. Campus crush?


43. Painter?
Yes or no, also can.

44. Religious?

45. Someone who likes to tease people?

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?

47. Speaks 20 languages?

That's a LOT!

48. Loyal or faithful?

49. Good kisser
I don't mind.

50. loves children??

Tagging some unlucky people:
Tim, Loh, Jovaynne, CJ, YiEn, and anyone who wants to this tag.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Australian Mathematics Competition...

Recently, I took this mathematic quiz, called the Australian Mathematics Competition. I entered this quiz last year also. But this year, my category of this quiz was different from last year. This year's category was Senior Division.

I think I did rather badly this time, I think I'll fail this time! First 10 questions already got 2 careless mistakes. And out of the last 5 questions, consisting of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 marks, I only knew how to do 1. 1 ONLY!!!

Personally, comparing the standard of the quiz with our Malaysian Additional Mathematics, theirs is way harder. The questions from the quiz not only forces you to use mathematical formulas, but also how to apply it. If you are the type of person who just memorizes the formula, but doesn't know how to apply it with a little change, you might find this quiz a little tough...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Additional Mathematics Kelas Galus Today...

Today I attended Additional Mathematics Kelas Galus! And I must say that the Kelas Galus teacher is much better. She will go round the class and ask whether if there's anything you don't understand. And if you don't, she will explain it to you one to one. I think this much better than the Kelas Cemerlang teacher (no offense).

Additional Mathematics Problem Chapters:
  1. Rates of Change (Form 4 Chapter 9 Differentiation)
  2. Form 4 Chapter 11 Index Numbers
  3. Geometric Progression (Form 5 Chapter 1 Progressions)
  4. Form 5 Chapter 4 Vectors
  5. Form 5 Chapter 5 Trigonometric Functions
  6. Form 5 Chapter 6 Permutations and Combinations
  7. Form 5 Chapter 7 Probability
  8. Form 5 Chapter 8 Probability Distributions
1 down! 7 to go!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


ARGH!!! SPM TRIALS IS IN 27 DAYS TIME!!! I feel so unprepared!!!

So many subjects to study. Bio, Chem, Phy, Sej, and Moral. The MEMORIZING subjects!!! Isn't there a better way to study these subjects?

I was doing Additional Mathematics Modal SPM papers just now. And I found out that I still can't answer quite a number of questions!

List of Additional Mathematics chapters I need brushing up:
  1. Rates of Change (Form 4 Chapter 9 Differentiation)
  2. Form 4 Chapter 11 Index Numbers
  3. Geometric Progression (Form 5 Chapter 1 Progressions)
  4. Form 5 Chapter 4 Vectors
  5. Form 5 Chapter 5 Trigonometric Functions
  6. Form 5 Chapter 6 Permutations and Combinations
  7. Form 5 Chapter 7 Probability
  8. Form 5 Chapter 8 Probability Distributions
The reason I'm having so much problems with my Form 5 back chapters is because I'm those chapters are still rather new to me. I've got to start doing exercises on those weak chapters everyday from now on if I expect to achieve the results I want. HELP ME!!!

How do you expect me to survive this kind of torture??

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dan's Blahs on the Book of Luke... [Chapter 2]

Continued from Chapter 1...

Well, in Chapter 1, there were a few important events. Let me recap a little:
  1. Announcing of birth of John.
  2. Announcing the birth of Jesus.
  3. The birth of John.
Let's see, in Chapter 2, a few more important events happened:
  1. Jesus is Born!
  2. An Angel Appeared to the Shepherds.
At that time, Emperor Augustus ordered a census to be taken throughout the whole Roman Empire. This meant everyone had to return to their own respective hometowns, to register themselves. Joseph and Mary set out to Bethlehem in Judea. When they arrived there, there were no place for them to stay, in the end, they stayed in a stable. This is the place where Jesus was born!

In the manger...
Some miles away, there were shepherds looking after their flocks. An angel appeared to them and told them "This very day in David's town your Saviour was born!". So the shepherds hurriedly found Mary and Joseph in the manger.

A week later, Jesus was circumcised. Mary and Joseph then presented Him to the Lord in Jerusalem. When Jesus was 12 years old, they went for the Passover Festival. When the festival was over, Jesus stayed back. His parents went looking for Him. They found Him sitting with the Jewish teachers, listening to them and asking questions.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I know exam is around the corner, precisely 31 days time... I know I have some serious studying to do. But, you have to rest every now and then. I think if you study whole-heartedly during the time you allocated yourself to study, I think you would have some time to at least take a break.

I've watched two movies lately. One two weeks ago, another today. Both borrowed from Loh.
17 AGAIN... I watched this 2 weeks ago! My conclusion for this movie, "Girls are EVIL!" Haha... This movie is quite okay lar... I wouldn't watch it again though...

My Rating: 5/10
Fast & Furious 4! Awesome! But not as nice as Tokyo Drift, in my opinion. Nice cars. One day, I wanna customize my own car!

Rating: 7/10

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar 47th Anniversery Dinner...

My church is going to celebrate it's 47th Anniversary! It'll be held on the 15th of August 2009! Anyone wanna come? Haha... I myself don't even know whether I'll attend this dinner a not, because I have Malay tuition on that night. With exams round the corner, I don't know whether I can afford to skip tuition. Anyway, The speaker is Rev. David Loo. I heard he's quite an interesting speaker.