Friday, July 30, 2010

This is WHY you LOGOUT your facebook account after using... =P

I took this comic out from the Star newspapers. And, if you ask yourself (18>years old), there are many things we post on facebook that we don't want our parents to see, right? We post stuff to seek attention and sympathy from our friends.

But, yet we fail to realize, our parents will always be standing behind our backs no matter what happens. Friends are just temporary, but parents are forever. I took me a long time to realize this truth, because most of us are blinded by parents being the one nagging you all day.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Females oh females... Why are you beating the males?

Statistics recently have shown that there are STILL MORE females in universities compared to males. It is also proven right in Form 6! There are more girls compared to guys in my class. I think this trend came about since 2006 or '07? This is a rather alarming trend, don't you think? Where are the MALES?

One would ask, why is this so? In the past, guys dominated the universities. These days, the education system has evolved as such that females benefit more than guys. The current education system in place is class-orientated, meaning students are required to sit still for long hours (about 5 to 6 hours) a day, with just a short 30 minute break in between. Can you imagine males sitting still for such a long period of time? No, right? Us boys, due to our biological make up, are programmed not to be able to sit still for more than our hour. Any more than that, we'll get restless, and this would result the ability of us males, learning much slower compared to girls. As a result, girls are able to do better than guys!
To overcome such a problem, I believe changes should be implemented in the current education system to reverse the current trend. A more interactive and practical-based education system which will benefit both sexes should be introduced. With a practical-based education system in place, males can learn better, as guys learn faster through their hands. As a result, the guys can catch up with the girls. A study conducted recently has also indicated that instead of punishing the boys for not being able to sit still in class, teacher should allow them a little freedom in class, meaning that if the boy wants to sit other the table and listen, he shouldn't be punished. It doesn't mean total freedom though, if it were so, the class would be chaotic. By allowing this little freedom, they have found that the guys learn better! Surprising, eh?

But the problem is, the education ministry believes such freedom should not be given, as it is seen by not instilling discipline in them. I also found it hard to believe when I first heard about it... One actually has to be open-minded to accept and implement such an idea. So, what do you think?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Keat Hwa Form 6 Basketball Competition! =D

Last Saturday, Sixth Form Society organized a basketball competition just for the Form 6s. =) Every form 6 class had to at least send out a team as representatives. It was COMPULSORY!

With only having 9 boys in my class, we all agreed to participate, except for the away-band member, Navine, and ZW. We all just participating for fun, and for the piece of paper for marks. We already knew our fate before we even played. We were sure to lose terribly against the upper sixes and also other lower six classes, especially the class with a school basketball team player. Basically, we all weren't basketball players! Haha...
Saturday morning came, the weather was fine, just right for the competition. It had been raining for the past few days, and we didn't want the matches postponed. It would mean more hassle for us. =S
L6S2 vs. L6S4
Highlights of the matches we played.

Our class had to play 3 games. If we were top 2 of the group, we would enter the semis and then the finals. BUT unfortunately, we didn't win any games though, but I think we did put in our best, right? =D And, at least we didn't lose terribly to the other teams like we thought we would. We DIDN'T GET 0 for ANY of the games we played! =D

Our first game was against U6S2. The final result after the first half and second half of the game was 2-6. I scored! Once... LOL!

Our next game was against L6S4. This was one of the stronger teams among the 8 teams. The had whipped L6S3 21-0 before they played against us. We managed to scored once, against their rather strong defense. The final score was 2-9. Cha Meng scored once. =)

I didn't stay for the third game though (against L6S3). I had Mohan tuition to attend to. =S
L6S3 vs. L6S4 (L6S4 scored!)
And throughout the whole competition, the St. John people were standing there like statues. I wonder how bored they were... =P
I think all us had fun, right? =)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Technology, Has Changed, Changing, and Will Change Our Lives... Agreed?

Today, I shall blog about the essay I passed up for homework last week for MUET (see, I've been doing homework in school! =D). Our MUET teacher has already covered all the areas tested in a MUET test. She has done speaking, listening, writing, and comprehension. And I think, she is the fastest teacher around compared to any other schools in Alor Setar, right?

If you were to take a page from the past you will find that life has never been this easy. With technology, the standard living of mankind has improved tremendously. Man has evolved from living in caves to houses, from getting somewhere on foot to wheels, and the list goes on.

Changes in the area of communication due to the advancement of technology have been the most remarkable progress. A hundred years ago, the Internet or World Wide Web (www) never existed. The telephone had just been invented and it had taken the world by storm. Finding for information at that time meant reading through journals or books just to source out the information needed. As matter of fact, people back then still depended on oral traditions. But, with the existence, knowledge is just at one's fingertips! Looking for information about cells? Just Google or Wikipedia it! And within seconds, all your questions will be answered. Furthermore, with the internet,one can even find their long lost school pals online through the many social networking sites available online! A mum even found her lost children through Facebook! Many people are getting hooked onto these sites. Twitter has even made it possible for your family and friends to know what and where you are all the time, regardless of distance. In the days of snail mail, one had to wait for ages to get a reply. Sometimes, your snail mail might even get lost! Now, it's so convenient, keeping in touch with one another just a click of a button away, with add-ons such as voice over and face-to-face video call.

But as in everything, there are always two sides to a coin. The presence of the internet has negative impacts to our lives too. Why? Pornography is one example! The Internet has made pornography unbelievably accessible. As with everything on the Net, it is also just a few click of the keyboard and mouse away. The proliferation of social networking sites has also infiltrated our privacy. You can know so much about a person just by looking into his profiles and friends' profiles. You can even be included in his circle of friends since most people accept without question requests for friends. A kidnapper can easily find the necessary information needed on Facebook or Twitter, to know where you'll be at a certain time with whom, and with that information, the kidnapper can easily derive the prefect plan to kidnap you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Potato Experiment! =D

Potato Experiment! The first experiment of the year for us Form 6rians! =D

The experiment was basically to see how the state of potatos after being immersed in sucrose solution of 30 minutes, meaning whether it will be turgid, or flaccid.

Anyway, Wei Ping and I were in a group, NZW and LSS were busy preparing for Puan Ho's birthday, and Navine was as usual, ABSENT (=P)!

We had... fun? =D Look what Nandika did... She had TOO MUCH time while waiting for the 30 minutes to be up... =DShe cut alphabets from the remaining potatoes, maybe she wanted to cook fried potato that is alphabet-shaped for someone special =P.

After school, I took my car for its first service! I must say the Perodua centres are very customer-friendly. They provide you light refreshments, tables (if you wanna do stuffs like reading newspaper, or in my case, do homework...), a TV which has a movie on, magazines, etc... A place that you can pass time while waiting for your car is being serviced. =)

P.S. Don't ask me how I got the photos, i'm not telling. =D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alternative Fuel...?

What is alternative fuel? It is an alternative to fossil fuels and can be defined as another source of energy that is cheaper, more effective and most importantly save our Mother Earth. Since it can save Mother Earth from it's badly-polluted state, why isn't the world switching to alternative fuel yet...?

Let's take car fuel as an example, petroleum and diesel. United States of America, as everyone knows, is the highest guzzler of fossil fuels.With such high consumption of such fuels, carbon emission increases, resulting in global warming. And this is just one country, try looking at the world scale. With such disastrous consequences, do you think the world should change to alternative fuel to prevent the situation from worsening?

Therefore, what fuel can be used as alternatives instead? The alternatives are plenty! Hydrogen, bio fuel, solar power, etc... and these are just a few examples. Scientist have been working on it since they realized the severity of the disastrous effects of using petroleum and diesel in the long run with global warming being a worrying problem. But even with such effects, many countries are still reluctant to switch to alternative fuel, mainly because firstly, normal fuel is bringing in loads of money to the country, and secondly, the initial cost of developing and researching for alternative fuels are also high. But, there are pros to everything. Using alternative fuel reduces carbon emissions and it's cheaper in the longer term. Most importantly, using alternative fuel SAVES THE ENVIRONMENT!... resulting in a better quality of life.

So, should we switch to alternative fuels? I believe the answer should be a resounding yes!