Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Merdeka Day of Malaysia!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! That were the cries of Tunku Abdul Rahman on 31st of August 1957, that was remembered from then till now. It was the first time Malaya smelt freedom!

There is this site,, about Malaysia's 53rd year of independence, where you can read about the history of how Malaysia was formed, our achievements, etc...

But there is this one thing that I cannot agree on. Why are we still celebrating Merdeka Day and not Malaysia Day? After all, we are Malaysia now and not Persekutuan Tanah Melayu or Malaya. On 16th of September 1963, Sabah and Sawarak joined Malaya to form Malaysia. It was supposed to be combined on the 31st of August 1963, to coincide with the sixth Hari Merdeka, but it was delayed due to some Indonesian and Filipino's objections. But still, it was made possible through the introduction of the Malaysia Bill.

So, since Malaysia was formed on the 16th of September, why are we still celebrating the independence of Malaya and not the independence of Malaysia? By celebrating Merdeka Day, it would seem rather unfair to Sabah and Sarawak, right? And usually the celebrations of Merdeka Day are often at a bigger scale compared to the celebrations on Malaysia Day.

Finally, after much debate, Malaysia Day has been made a public holiday, starting from this year onwards! They should have done this much earlier. And I also think our independence should be changed from 31st Aug to the 16th of Sept. Let's make it fair to Sabah and Sarawak too, okay?

Support Malaysia Day!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sixth Form Night! =D

Sixth Form Night! A night just for the Form Six people. I guess it's one of the perks for staying back for Form 6.When I was clearing up last night after the event, I compared Keat Hwa with my previous school, Keat Hwa II. And I must comment that there are VAST differences. I can't remember my old school allowing such events or being till this late at school (except for camps). Or maybe I'm a little outdated. =S I was at Keat Hwa until 11:30+ P.M. last night, and I think the others went back much later.
Last night was a blast! Agreed?

At least I know someone agrees with me...

=P Wei Ping, thanks for "yay"ing! =D
My class's male candidates for Mr. Form 6. Just in case you are wondering what's that, it's a urm... title?... that will be with you till you graduate. Each class before this, would have to select their two "couples" to represent the class to compete against each other for the title of Mr. Form 6 and Miss Form 6. To win, he or she must get the most votes from the audience!
The banner that was made in a rush. But it's not bad right?
The audience. We had a poor response from the Upper Sixes, but I guess it couldn't be helped. Either they were busy with something else, or to some, they weren't informed, or because it's the month of July (Hungry Ghost Festival), etc. But, because everything was done in a rush, it just couldn't be helped.One of the candidates of Miss Form 6. Dressed like a Cinderella eh? =P

The Sixth Form Society committee had prepared a dance, called the "Stick-Man Dance". It was just AMAZING! And, the first practice for the dance was just done in the morning! I think it was the best performance among all, right?
The winners of Mr Form 6 and Miss Form 6, with the Mr and Miss Form 6 of 2009.

Just to let you guys know, all the preparations, the "stick-man" dance, decorations, etc... was all done after the Lower 6 exam, and that was just one day before the actual Sixth Form Night. =) Impressive, eh?

Looking forward to next years' Sixth Form Night... but there is one plus point next year, we're NOT THE ONES PLANNING! xD

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Exams are OVER!

Ah. This blog is getting rather dusty in here. I have so much to write, but when I get down to it, I usually am blank. =.=

I have finally completed my FIRST exam of Form 6! And I think I'm not going to do anywhere near what I aimed for. I think I have not put in my whole effort, and must strive harder next time, assuming I get over the high activation energy of my laziness. =D

Chemistry was a disaster. I think I can put a R.I.P. sign for my Chemistry. I am expecting really low marks for it, as in REALLY LOW, say about 50 to 60?... or maybe even less. Sigh, how do you people take Form 6 Chemistry? Sure hard work?

Shall blog more soon. =) Stay tuned.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The keyboard! One of the Greatest Inventions. =D

The one modern invention that has the greatest impact on young people is the keyboard, don't you agree? It has changed the way we study and socialize, basically our lifestyle, making it very different from the young people of the past. These days, I think the majority of us just can't live without the keyboard, without it, I think our fingers will itch in need to touch the keyboard! =D If you do a survey in school, I believe that more than 90% of the students touch the keyboard everyday... true?

The keyboard has changed the way us, students study. Before this, learning took place when you read of listen to your teacher teach. And when a teacher teaches, students would have to copy the notes and exercises the teacher dictates or written on the blackboard (or whiteboard). Assignments had to be presented by using drawings and writtings on cardboards and self-made books. But, after the invention of the keyboard, evreything changed! With the keyboard, a student can type away... digitally. This allows them to print their work, and usually, typed and printed work are usually much MUCH neater compared to handwritten ones. Teachers nowadays have also switched from the traditional way of teaching, to typing their lessons on the computer with the help of softwares like Microsoft Powerpoint, etc. This has made teaching and learning a much faster process.

Another area the keyboard has changed our lives is in the area of socializing! With the presence of social networking sites and the internet, young people can word their thoughts online, and this has enabled socializing at a greater level. And if you compare it to the past, where keyboards were absent, the way the people socialized was much MUCH different. In the past, socializing was just done in schools and get-togethers. It was rather limited. Once one is home, socializing stops! But, the keyboard, has changed everything.

I was trying to be witty when I wrote this. But, somehow, I think I'm talking more about the computer than the keyboard. What do you think?