Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Democracy Today... Still Tomorrow?

Democracy has been around for, centuries? The first democratic country recorded is Greece! ...and that was some hundred years ago. Democracy, has been practiced and is being practised by most countries today, majority the well developed countries. We have so many other political systems, like communism, dictatorship, etc... but most still favor democracy. Why?

The answer is obvious. People want freedom and basic civil rights, something that democracy offers and others don't. Do people want to be oppressed by the government always, watching unfair policies being made, biasedness towards different kinds of people? I personally wouldn't want a government like that. Democracy gives us this freedom, the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, equality and son on. And these are the basic rights that people want in today's society.

Democracy also allows change. In a communist country, if the leader of the day is corrupted, nobody is able to do anything, unless well, someone assassinates him. In a democratic country, if the government of the day is corrupted, the people have the right to vote it out and bring change.

Democracy also in it's unique way allows its own people to rule it's own nation. Unlike other countries, who practise dynastic monarchy rule, power is handed down according to the blood line. That means if you are not of royal blood, the power to rule a country can never be yours. This, by today's standard, is unacceptable! Can you stand a leader who keeps siphoning money from it's people? Take Brunei for an example. Their country is ruled monarchy style. And sad to say, patronage is very apparent there. The king's son is using it's country's wealth to throw parties, buy properties, basically plundering the country for personal gain. What can be used to improve the standard of living of it's people is being used for personal use. Why would anyone in the right frame of mind who knows his or her right support the government as that?

Oh well. I believe democracy is the way to run a nation today. But who knows, there might be new ideologies popping up, and one might be even better than democracy. Who knows? In a 100 years from now, democracy might be replaced. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Open Burning in Alor Setar!

Can you imagine the pollution open burning does? I was on the way to fetch CT the other day when I passed by two spots of people openly burning their rubbish! Don't these IDIOTS know that they are making our world A HOTTER place? Don't they know that it's already very hot as it is?
But, after some pondering, is it entirely their fault? I don't think so. They wouldn't burn their rubbish if the rubbish people collect the rubbish everyday, right? Many people would think what's PAS doing? Since PAS took over, the rubbish collection was getting from bad to worse. But it's not the current state government's fault. Before PAS took over, the previous government BN, awarded a contract to Environment Idaman Sdn. Bhd. to so call privatize everything. And according to this newsletter, they say they have improved Sungai Petani's rubbish collection, link to this newsletter.

Even at my place, rubbish collection is BAD. Rubbish gets collected a week once? It used to be every 2 or 3 days once. WHAT are the people in charge doing? And please be aware that PAS has NO SAY in this at all.
I stopped my car to get a picture of this, and I could feel the heat even inside my car! It was THAT hot.

*Note: This two pictures were taken at different spots in Alor Setar but located 200m from each other. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Time Flies.

It's April already! And very soon, I shall be sitting for my mid-term exams.

It just seemed like yesterday I entered Form 6. Guess, time flies.

There has been a lot of things going on lately. Exams, quizzes, assignments, PEKA, the lot... to add on to my already busy schedule, I was struck down by sore throat and flu yesterday, and was incapacitated for a few hours. Ha. School life has been a stress. I kinda regret not working hard when I was in secondary school, but I guess it's too late. What has been done, can't be re-done. For now, all I can do is to make sure I do not regret the decision I made... STPM! But seriously, why can't it be much easier to understand? Agh!

And oh, heard the news? STPM is going to be much easier! Instead of just sitting one major exam, they are going to change it to the semester-style system! Translation, it's going to be like Matriculation. In class, we were complaining that it wasn't fair! Why couldn't we born a year later? Hah. But if you look at it from a different point of view, STPM standards are going down! STPM wasn't as hard as it was 15 years ago, and it's not getting any harder now, but much easier. Is Malaysia trying to bring down the only exam left that is of standard? Hmmm...
On another unrelated matter... Been reading the news lately? Sarawak Elections is in 2 days time! Malaysiakini and Sarawak Today was hacked by viruses, sourcing from India and the States. Wanna read about the attack? Click here. Another tactic of the government to bring down the Opposition? I hope not. Why can't the government just play fair? If you have been governing badly, it's time for a change! Be humble and step down! Nobody is going to laugh or mock you. Take this as a lesson and change for the better. :)

Oh well, I guess I better head back to my Chemistry. :)