Saturday, April 26, 2008

MYF Sunday...

Last Sunday was MYF Sunday, here are the presentations on YouTube.

A poem dedicated to her...

I'm so sad and depressed,
All I want to do is rest.
I go to sleep at night,
But my dreams I just can't fight.

I think of you everywhere I go,
And wonder what I've said that made you leave me.
I wish you were still here
But I know that you are still there.

I love you more than you know.
I just wish you didn't have to go,
I just want to spend my life with you,
And I know thats what you would have wanted too.

I miss you more and more each day,
There is so much more that we had to say,
I know that I might not see you again,
But I hope one day, I might see you again.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Prices of wheat are soaring!

The prices of wheat has soared up drastically. Wheat is used to make staple foods such as bread, pasta, pizza, noodles, etc... If the prices of wheat, the prices of food will also increase. How are the lower-income people buy these wheat-based products if it is going to be so expensive???

There are so many factors of the price increase of wheat. Drought, land for biofuel, growing demand of wheat, etc.

World wheat stocks are expected to hit a 30-year low this year, partly because of the worst drought in Australia in 100 years, which halved the winter wheat crop into 12 million tonnes in 2007. Ukraine also reduced the wheat production because of unsually cold wheather.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Teen sleep...

At most schools in Malaysia, classes begin at 7:30 a.m. But I’ve read that sleep researchers say that teenagers aren't meant to climb out from under the covers that early. Sleep patterns change during adolescence, why can’t some parents see this??? Teens tend to stay up later at night, whether socializing or doing homework, and sleep later in the morning, but yet, parents still force people to us, teens to sleep earlier. Teens around my age need about 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep each night. So, shouldn’t schools start school’s later?

Getting stressed up with this and that....

So many things that are bothering me. Stressing me up this and that. Mother scolding here. MYF Sunday. Badminton competition. MYF. Rocket competition. School mid year-exam. Piano practical exam. So many things.
I just wish I were dead. Nope on second thoughts, I don't want to die, I want just to get out of this stupid cycle every teen has to go through.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Prices are going up up up!

Lovely lovely rice...
As price of rice and wheat increases, the prices of anything made of it will increase, for example mee. This is something that we take for granted everyday. Now, we might face quite a lot of discomfort with the price increase. Price increase, gaji tak go up. How to survive?

Yellow mee is going up by RM 0.20 per kg.

Dry mee up RM 0.20 per kg.
Small yee mee up by RM 0.30 per kg.
Large yee mee
up by RM 0.70 per kg.
Wantan mee
up by RM 0.60 per kg.
Wantan wrapping
up by RM 0.40 per packet.
Dumpling wrapping
up by RM 0.50 per packet.

All the prices are going up. I wonder if restaurants, stalls selling food will increase their prices or maybe serve smaller portions to maintain the profit margin... Standard of living in Malaysia is decreasing, better start saving up, folks!

Angsana Flats are EVERYWHERE!!!

After reading a Hannah Yeoh blog post about Angsana Flats, it got me thinking.

Concerned, I decided to check out the flats here in Alor Star. Got my mom to take me to the flats nearest to my home. It is not much different from the Angsana Flats in terms of its condition. Rubbish was dumped, or rather scatter
ed everywhere; the road, the corridor, the playground... The only playground at that area had loads of graffiti. The ground floor of the flats are filthy. I think I'd find it hard to live in this kind of conditions. Yet, people still live there.
The flats. Look at how unkempt the walls are.
Something should be done.
The playground, vandalized.
The filthy corridor. I wonder when it was last washed.
It needs to be repainted, and cleaned.
My suggestion: A gotong-royong should be held.
The rubbish dump. Full to the brim...and overflowing. Flies abound.
Rubbish scattered everywhere.
My suggestion: More rubbish bins should be provided and the Majlis Bandaran should collect the rubbish everyday. Come on, so many people live there. Such small rubbish collection bins are definitely not sufficient.

If this road was found in Singapore, the people who threw rubbish on it would be fined. Why do people throw rubbish everywhere?

That's Malaysia. Let's compare it with Singapore, our neighboring country. I stayed at the HDB Flats with my uncle last year. The flats are not those high end ones. They were formerly 2-room units which the government has since upgraded to 3 rooms. And majority of the people who live there are from the lower income group. My uncle is a professional but he says he doesn't mind living there because the place is very okay.
Look at the flats for afar. So clean.
This is what the flats should be like in Malaysia.Look at the playground there and tennis courts. They even have areas for futsal. And the children's playground actually has those rubberized mats for safety. I am told that every few years they are refurbished. Don't think so we get that here in Malaysia. So spotlessly clean and green. Pleasing to the eye and makes living there quite bearable, don't you think?
The corridors, can't see any rubbish.
The living space is quite least for me cos here, I am fortunate enough to stay in a landed property...but the surroundings are very clean there. The cleaners come every day. They even have lifts. The flats I went with my have to climb up 6 flights of stairs if you live on that floor. Shouldn't the authorities do something for the people? Provide decent maintainance for a start...I think that would be good.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Heroes Ability

The list of abilities...
I have Telekinesis & Memory Manipulation
I want Radiation Manipulation!!!
I unfortunately am in still the mind group.
Need matter to learn Radiation Manipulation,
then I can nuclear bomb people...
I can make people forget memories, plant fake memories,
take away memories (bad le???), lift off ground, throw against wall,
cut open head & punch!!!
I'm level 27 now, want to be level 49 before I can use the ability nuclear bomb.
This game is quite fun. It's an application in facebook.
Haiz... It's just hard to knock people down...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Gloves usually can be used once, but this glove can be used SEVEN times!!!

There is a new glove in town, called EcoGlove. This glove is not like any glove. Normal glove can be used only once or twice, but this glove can be used SEVEN times!

The EcoGlove would be cheaper for end users, reduce rick of latex and chemical allergies, and friendlier to Mother Nature.

After use, the new gloves would be reprocessed by its manufactures, sanitized and checked for defects before being repackaged and sent back to the users.

EcoGloves are made by using a machine that uses cold plasma technology sterilizes the gloves, and as a quality control measure. An estimate of 140 billion gloves are produced globally a year, with Malaysia accounting for half the sum. Most disposable gloves are made from latex or petroleum-based nitrile.

With EcoGlove, the carbon footprint would be reduced by 60%, as there would be almost zero wastage. At the moment, there are 1.4 million tonnes of waste from gloves produced yearly.

To ensure every glove is traceable and not used for more than 7 times and weed out clond gloves, EcoGlove has a unique matrix or 2D bar code on the gloves.

How cool is that?

Friday, April 4, 2008

A companion for my iPod, iM600

iM600, is the new inMotion iPod-dock speaker system from Atlec Lansing that is compact enough to carry around.

This speaker system is fully compatible with all iPod models. The iPod when docked, can be recharged. The iM600 features Atlec Lansing's Stereo Field Expander (SFX) technology that delivers heightened stereo effects, according to the company.

There is also a clock and an alarm clock incorporated in it. This iM 600 is claimed, that it can last 7 hours on the road continuously playing on a single charge. It also has a remote. The iM 600 is priced at RM 695. Sigh! Why everything so expensive wan???

Malaysia, a blogger country!!!

Did you know that Malaysia can be considered a blogger country?
Malaysia has about 500,000 active bloggers, ranking Malaysia among the highest in the world after Indonesia and the European Union.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shift - The Thing I Wish I Had Now!!!

HTC has announced a new ultra mobile PC, called Shift. How nice if I owned it... It would save me time asking for time on the computer from my mom. Save the hassle of waiting for my parents are free to unlock the password... Shift has an adjustable touchscreen display with a slide out QWERTY keypad. Shift runs on Windows Vista Business as well as HTC's SnapVUE (a toned down version of Windows Mobile 6). Shift should run pretty fast. It has two processors, an Intel Stealy microchip (800MHz) and a back up, 1 GB RAM for running Windows Vista applications with a Qualcomm MSN 7200 (420MHz) chip. Shift is also equipped with a 40GB or 60 GB hard disk. I so want the bigger space Shift. It has WiFi and 3.5 G mobile network to surf the net too! Meaning, I can surf on the go. There is also a fingerprint reader for protection.

I want a Shift!!! But it's so expensive. The 40 GB model is priced at RM5499. RM5499!!! Where am i going to get such money??? Anyone kind enough to donate???

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Basketball - Something I take for granted...

Almost every week I play basketball twice, sometimes three times. Have you ever thought about, where did basketball come from? Or where it was invented? Or who invented it? Curious, so I did a research on it.

Basketball, is an athletic sport that teaches social skills, rights of passage, creativity and gives a cultural identity. Basketball basically is a sport of two teams competing to score by throwing an inflated ball so that it descends through one of the two baskets suspended at each end of the court.

Basketball, was invented by a guy named, Dr. James Naismith, born in 1861 in Ramsey Township. In the early days, basketball was played with a soccer ball instead of our modern basketball.

Autism Awareness Day

Did you know there was such a day called the "Autism Awareness Day"?
United Nation has approved the resolution for its recognition last year. April has been designated as the Autism Awareness Month.