Monday, January 5, 2009

School... [Day 2]...

I think from now on, I'll blog about what I learned in school. I think this way, it will also be revising and remembering what I learned for the day.

We had assembly today. One long weekly assembly, standing there like an idiot for an hour plus listening to the teachers talk. Sigh. Last year, 17 students got 8 A's, and 7 got 7 A's, which is technically better than my year, cause there were only 6 classes, compared to my year, 8 classes. Last year's all passing rate was rather disappointing, only 69%, the worse record in 10 years. The exams are getting easier, the syllabus is getting easier, but students are still not doing well. Keat Hwa 1 and Asma has each more than 100 students scoring straight A's.

Today, in my English lesson, my teacher taught us the si tenggang homecoming poem. Frankly, when I first read, I did not fully understand what the poet is trying to tell me. It is about si tenggang traveling overseas learning and acquiring new knowledge. When he goes back to his village, he is alienated by his fellow countrymen. Si Tenggang also learns 'the ways of the rude', in order to retain his Malay identity. After listening to the teacher explain, I still did not fully understand.

During Modern Maths, today the teacher taught us about number bases. Number bases in two, eight, and five. It's pretty easy to understand. The teacher said that this chapter was taught in the 1980's. This means, the standard of education has clearly dropped a lot.

During history period, my history teacher taught us about imperialism in South-East Asia last time. During the 16th century, the west conquerors conquered South-East Asia, for the resources. Among the conquerors where the British, Portuguese, Spanish, and others. Among the conquered was Brunei, Indochina, Filiphines, Malaya, Indonesia and others.

There are so many things to memorize in history. And I'm getting a headache of form 4's additional mathematics chapter 9, differentiation. Someone help me, please.

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