Sunday, January 11, 2009

Memories in School... [Day 7]...

Yesterday, there was school to replace for Chinese New Year, so that during the CNY break, we'll get a one week break. I didn't attend school yesterday... ^^ I was party tired and party lazy... Hehe... One thing I don't understand about school is, why have replacement classes? Why don't they submit it to the PPD that they want one week breaks so that they can plan? Instead or replacing? Attending 5 days of school a week is tiring enough. Adding another day makes it worse! They have weekends for a reason. Students need REST!!!

Today, our Chemistry teacher did some revision on what she taught about for the past week. And she gave some A LOT of homework! My Moral teacher did not appear again today. But, during my recess, when I went to the teacher's office to find one of the teachers, I saw him relaxing there. I wonder what he is so busy about till cannot enter class?

My English teacher is still teaching Si Tenggang's Homecoming. She has been teaching that since last week. I wonder when only she will teach something else. My Maths teacher has moved on to Chapter 2, Graph Of Functions II. And my history teacher is now teaching birokrasi in Philippines after being imperialized by the West. It's pretty interesting, or rather the teacher makes it interesting.

Sigh! School. School. School. So much homework to do. :-(

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Anonymous said...

Replacement classes are set by the Ministry because approval for the week long hols is also from them. Schools have an option not to take the hols if they don't want to replace. The other option is just to have the PH. No need for extra hols and no need for replacements.