Thursday, January 18, 2007

True Worship

"In true worship the Father must be first, must be all. The sooner I learn to forget myself in the desire that He may be glorified, the richer will the blessing be that prayer will bring to myself. No one ever loses by what he sacrifices for the Father."
-Andrew Murray
'With Christ in the School of Prayer'

Unconscious Influence

A missionary in New Guinea returned to his home after several years of service.

His friend said to him, "Jones, tell me what you found at your station in New Guinea."

"Found! I found something that looked more hopeless than if I had been sent into the jungle to a lot of tigers."

"Why, those people were so degraded that they seemed utterly devoid of moral sense. They were worse than beasts. If a mother were carrying her little baby, and the baby began to cry, she would throw it into the ditch and let it die. If a man saw his father break his leg, he would leave him upon the roadside to die. They had no compassion whatever. They did not know what it meant."

"Well, what did you do for people like that? Did you preach to them?"

"Preach? No! I lived."

"Lived? How did you live?"

"When I saw a baby crying, I picked it up and comforted it. When I saw a man with a broken leg, I mended it. When I saw people in distress, I took them in and pitied them. I took care of them. I lived that way. And those poeple began to come to me and say, 'What does this mean? What are you doing this for?' Then I had my chance and I preached the Gospel."

"Did you succeed?"

"When I left, I left a church!"
-Sunday School Times

"The best way to teach converts is to live before them. How we ourselves meet trouble is a much more potent lesson to them than explaining from the pulpit how they should meet it...Our most potent lessons are unconscious ones; they are, in actuality, allowing the Lord to live out His life through us." -Isobel Kuhn

"You are writing a Gospel
A chapter each day,
By the deeds that you do,
And the words that you say.
Men read what you write,
Whether faithless or true;
Say, what is the Gospel
According to you?"

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Monday '140107

Well... Today school was fine... everything went well... nothing much to talk about really... except some of my cheeky friends got a few spanks for going out from class without permission...
In the afternoon, after getting home from school, things started to change... my luck became bad luck... Ai... in the afternoon while i was relaxing by reading a book... rashes started to appear on my body... And at night i had to play drum for church... How? How? How???

Night falls...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Take Time...

"Take time to prepare for our work. The greater the work we are to do, the longer preparation does God give us for it. How eager human nature is to get into an enterprise, or a field of work, before there is a thorough preparation. To be prepared for a great mission is a great deal more than to go through a school or to learn a trade or to pass a good examination. The preparation must go deepr, and enter into the very qualities of the heart and will. There must be the patient endurance, the breadth of apprehension, the quickness and sweep of mental vision, the balancing of the judgement, the impartiality of decision, and a largeness of divine gentleness for those with whom we deal - an inexpressible preparation which oftentimes nothing but suffering, or lonely sorrow, or years of patient waiting can develop in us.

A short work, with a thorough, divine preparation behind it, will accomplish more than a work of many years with only a human qualification for it."

-G.D. Watson

Second week of school just over...

Hai... school... school... school... it can be nice at times and not nice at times...
Second week just over and third week is just around the corner...
A week closer to Sports Day and Merentas Desa and the thing I dread most... PMR... wish it was October 7 now... Because that's the day PMR over... Can't wait for it.

Training for Sqush Competition... can't wait for it also... must train hard, my school team sucks... no one and play... so must play by myself...