Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outing With Friends. :)

I went for a movie @ Alor Setar Mall just now with a few friends of mine. We watched this movie "Skyline". The cinema was surprisingly empty.

Watch the trailer.

Anyway, the trailer may show that it's a movie with high graphics and all, the story-line is rather slow moving. And I think they'll be Skyline 2 coming out soon, as the ending was left hanging.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Movie Frenzy...

I think the last time I watched a movie was before my finals, Step Up 3, with some of my friends at AS mall.

After watching Step Up 3, being impressed by the dance moves, I asked around, whether they had the previous movies'; Step Up 2 and Step Up. Joey promised to borrow me hers, but she deleted it before I had the chance to borrow it from her. In the end, I borrowed it from Edward.
Well, the movie was okay, I guess? I prefer Step Up 3 though. The beginning of this movie was rather boring. I was very tempted to hit the fast forward button (which I did :D) at many a time. The dance moves weren't as spectacular as Step Up 3, and the final dance was a little dark and boring? I don't know... They are just my opinions.

Movie Rating:

Next movie, my sister's keeper. My first impression of the movie was, is this going to be another girly sort of movie? Little did I know that this movie was made based on one of New York Times' best sellers books.

This movie moved me to tears. It's about a girl, Kate at the age of 13 suffering from acute leukemia (cancer of the bone marrow), and Anna who was conceived to keep her sister Kate alive by donating her bone marrow cells and all. It's a really touching story, to see a mother not wanting to give up trying and searching of ways to keep her daughter alive... but the sad truth is, sometimes, you just have to let go.
Movie Rating: ★★★★☆

But if you read the book, it seems that the story line is entirely different. I have not read the book yet, so I can't say for sure. I plan to get hold of the book and start reading it. It should be a good and inspiring book to read, since I was already so touched just by watching the movie.
And oh, anyone got the book? :D Borrow me!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Outing to Kuala Kedah!

After Chem tuition, Tim called me, asking me whether I wanted to join them for a mini outing to "burn some time" (according to him) at Kuala Kedah to see whether the castle (palace) there is still open to visitors. According to him, the castle was still open when he last visited the castle when he was in primary school. But as I recall, the last time I visited that place (when I was Form 2 I think), is was closed, due to repairs.And it turned out, I was right, it is still not open to public. I wonder what they are doing with the building. Anyway, the sunset was worthwhile. But the condition of the Kuala Kedah beach is terrible! It's filthy! It's smelly. Rubbish is seen streaking everywhere!.. old shoes, paper cups, even bags! The sand is also black-ish in color, I suspect is due to the dirty sea water that is contaminated with oil.
Just look at the amount of rubbish! And this is just one part of the whole area. I wonder, if they clean the place up, treat the water, and make the place into a resort, with proper maintenance, I am sure it'll be a success!
Where in Alor Setar can you find places with such beautiful sunset scenery? Almost no where in Alor Setar, unless you are at City Plaza's top-most floor's car parking area.Anyway, the outing was overall fun! Joseph's car mati"ed" engine once when going up the steep bridge. He complained so much because he had to use his bukit skills four times! LOL. He also failed going up without sliding back on another bridge. Maybe he should retake his license! =P
One for the album!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Form 6 School Woes...

For the past 6 months of my life as a Lower 6 student in Keat Hwa, I've been made to stay back in school on Sundays and Mondays for extra-curriculum activities and so called "R&D (Research & Development)" sessions. And we have no choice, it's compulsory, as school authorities say they are orders from the Education Ministry.

At the start of this "programmes" after school, we were called to do "kerja amal" a.k.a. free labour to the school. We were asked to scrape the school walls, so that they could be repainted, and paint some of the walls we scraped. And this is said to give us marks in our curriculum activities. I bet the school saves tons of money not needing calling outside painters to paint the school.

I mean, why make us stay back to do such work? We have already had a long day at school, now, more work to tire us further? I tell you, we're dead tired after such heavy activities. The whole day will end up wasted.

After a few weeks, the R&D sessions officially started. It is said to help us in our studies. Let me tell you what happens there. R&D sessions, first of all, are divided into the 4 sessions for different subjects, except for Biology and Physics. We have R&D sessions for Math, MUET, PA, and Chemistry. And we don't do much in those sessions.

With 4 classes combined together, do you expect 2 teachers to cope with so many students? In PA R&D sessions, we would sit there and chit-chat, in that small chair-cum-table (the ones commonly found at tuition centres). We can't revise either. We're tired, the room is stuffy, the chair-cum-table isn't big enough, and it's noisy. And this happens for MUET too. In Chemistry R&D sessions, each group is given a task to speak about something. But, when groups go out to speak, with mic isn't functioning well, we end up hearing blurred sentences, which we can't make out what he or she is trying to say. For Math, yes, he will be teaching, and this is the only subject, that truly helps us in our STPM.

Why can't we be like Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid? They incorporate this R&D sessions into the schooling time. And they end at 2:10p.m. everyday. But, if I'm not mistaken, starting for next year, Form 6 students will end school at 3:00p.m.++, if i'm not mistaken. Sigh. It's a waste of time. We don't get much out of it. Don't you school authorities get it?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

MUET (Malaysian Univeristy English Test)...

I sat for my final 3 papers of MUET today. It was, urm... okay? I made a few careless mistakes here and there. But I guess that happens, nobody is prefect right? :)

I sat for Reading (Paper 3), Writing (Paper 4), and Listening (Paper 1) today. As for Speaking (Paper 2), I sat for it about a month ago.

Paper 3 was, tougher than all the exercises that I've done in school or in school-based exams. I've a bad habit when tackling a paper, that is always starting from the back to the front. I guess I was already blur when I reached the first text, and made a really CARELESS mistake! What was I doing? I can kick myself for that! I think I became rather panicky after I've read the last text!...because it was so hard to understand what the writer was writing about. Oh well, it has passed. Maybe I shall take it again next year.

As for Paper 4, I guess it was rather okay? Question 2 (the factual essay) was:
"In an arranged marriage, the choice of husband or wife is made by parents and elders. What do you think of this practice in today's society? Discuss. You should write at least 350 words."
I wrote more than required, I think, about 500 words on approximate count. I only had two main points, and the rest were examples and effects of the points that I've stated. Hopefully, the examiner understands what I wrote. :)

Listening (Paper 1), I was rather blur I think, or in the state of panic. I couldn't catch question number 3's answer, about when conservation on turtles started. It was hard to hear when you can hear 5 radios playing the same text but at different places. The listening test were held in 5 different classrooms, and the text being played above or beside the classroom I was in were so loud, it was distracting!

According to Wikipedia, did you know that MUET is only accepted by two countries? Malaysia and Singapore ONLY? How about other countries? Why isn't it recognized? All the hard work for nothing. I'm considering IELTS, another English test that is accepted worldwide. Anyone interested?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Going into a flooded taman in a LORRY!

Before I continue on, The Star paper has published a few warnings about a second-wave hitting Kedah again, as well as Kelantan, and Perlis. If you want to read the articles with your own eyes, click here, and here.

"Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein gave the order as the Meteorological Department predicted the second wave could hit the three states if heavy rain persisted."
Quoted from The Star.
Let's hope for the best, and pray hard that a second wave doesn't hit Alor Setar again. We all want to enjoy our holidays in peace, right?

Back to the story.

My taman was so FLOODED that we had to get a lorry to get in, to check on the house. My neighbour, managed to borrow a lorry from a friend. He called my mum, and it was decided that my dad and I would tag along.

We arrived at Wisma, but they hadn't arrived. Apparently, jams were bad in town. I managed to take a few pictures while waiting.

Ever seen a tow truck letting down the towed car? It uses a hydraulic pump to lift the lorry's head up and allow the car to reverse down.Fascinating eh?

Here's another picture.I think no VIP or VVIP in the right frame of mind would want to use this road. Haha...

The lorry arrived, and let me tell you, it was no small lorry, it was HUGE! You know those lorries that carry sand? Yeah! That lorry.Some parts were knee deep and more, and lorry still had plenty of room before the water hit the engines of the lorry. A normal car would have "KO"ed before it even moved 100 metres!

On the way in, All water. And this was just the beginning of the journey.The waters were getting deeper and deeper as we ventured deeper into the taman. Look at this picture:The water has covered more than half the sign board!The poor Taman Golf Mini Market. After the flood receded, I heard the owner say that flood waters entered the shop about 4 inches. The cleaning they had to do was terrible.

Anyway, I got to my house. MY HOUSE WAS SPARED! Almost all of my neighbours' house were already submerged at least an inch of water, but mine was just lapping outside the house. Phew!

On the way back, my neighbour said a friend of his wanted him to rescue his dogs. And the golden retriever (as seen in the picture below) was overly excited. The dogs were hungry, and one of the people on board fed them bread and biscuits (BUTTER COOKIES!!!). The golden retriever started wagging its tail like crazy, splashing spots of mud on everyone.I thought I would go home clean and dry, but thanks to the dog, I was covered with MUD. Ah, it has been an experience! Hopefully, there won't be a next wave of floods!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More about the flood...

As I blog, it's raining now. The recent flood has made me paranoid about rain. Months ago, during the hot season, I was craving for rain. But now, I prefer sunny skies compared to rains. Sigh. I hope if a flood do happen again, the government will warn us 24 hours beforehand.

Continuing with my last blog post, I evacuated from my home to Aunt Chua's. After Biology exam, I had to find my way back through town to Taman Stadium. There were many roads being closed due to floods, and there was a massive traffic jam in Simpang Kuala. It seems that it was one of the few roads left to town.

That evening, when my father and I took a stroll down the taman to check on the monsoon drain, it was already overflowing. I was like "Here going to flood too? Where to next?".And true enough, the following day, at about 5 a.m., water started sipping in like a thief in the night. It was scary, I tell you. In just a mere 30 mins, the whole road was covered with water, and not to mention Aunt Chua's porch.
There was a discussion on where to park the car. Finally, it was agreed that two cars will be parked at City Plaza's top floor, although we thought it might be a little unsafe. On the way up, EVERY floor was PACKED with cars, except for the top-most floor. And, there were ROWS of BRAND-NEW CARS parked there, Suzuki Swift, Toyota cars, you name it. I guess the car-dealers were afraid that their cars might be flooded. It was a good thing too, because that meant that nobody would want to steal my car, as there are so many new cars around. =D
In the afternoon, Taman Stadium had already became like this. Later that night, the electricity was cut, and I had to spend the night in darkness and without a fan. =S I've became a creature of comfort, but thankfully, it was cooling that night.
Town in the afternoon.
More stories soon. :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flood in Alor Setar 2010...

03/11/2010 - 07/11/2010


These are the days that I shall remember for as long as I live. Well, I couldn't remember much about the last flood that happened 5 years ago. All I can remember is being sent to Aunt Chua'
s place for evacuation for a few days because of the flood with my sister, Teong Huan and his sisters. And we played Metal Slug 3 on Teong Huan's computer. But that was 5 years ago.Now I'm a boy of almost 18, I can help and see for my own eyes, how devastating a flood can be, to an individual, a family, a community, a district, a state, and the country. I believe I have gained more experience, that shall be useful in time to come, although to others, they have lost much.

In a short duration of 5 days, my family and I were literally running away from water. Everywhere we went, flood waters followed us. I evacuated on Wednesday, as the waters started to rise where I stayed, mainly because I had exams on the following day. I was tempted to "ponteng" school like what Chen Tat did, but I thought the better of it. But I probably do quite badly this time, well, I'll know soon.

My parents stayed back at the house. Shortly after I left, the electric supply was cut. I pity my parents. They stayed at home all night without electric and had to move the hall's furniture to a higher level.Look at Taman Golf's field. It looks more like a swimming pool now, right? I had the chance to take some shots here and there before I evacuated. The bicycle always comes in handy. When all electric and motor appliances fail, this is where your skills come in.
The pictures here may explain a thousand words, but by experiencing it youself, it amplifies the effect by a thousand times more. It has been an experience.
More stories to come. :) I hope the worse is over.