Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Job Hunting Experiences. :D

I'm back!... after a long absence from this blogosphere.

I know my blog has been "dead" for quite awhile, but there is a good reason to that. I've taken up a job! Well, 2 jobs actually, as a tutor and also a Switcher, a.k.a. a glorified Apple product salesman. :P

It all began when a friend introduced this tutoring job at Talent Tuition Centre to me. After lazing about at home for a good few weeks after STPM, and completing my IELTS exam in Penang, a job sounded just like too much work for me. I can tell you, at the very beginning, I wasn't very thrilled of taking up the job, it meant having to commit my time and often get out of my comfort zone. Who likes working? But I took the job anyway.

My first job experience wasn't a good one. The person my friend and I worked for kept on delaying in giving us a permanent tutoring class week after week. After a month, I got fed up, and I quit! I decided to hunt for another job. Although I tutored there for 4 weeks, I never did see the "salary" he promised to pay me.

The next job I took up was also another tutoring job, this time at Soyuz Tuition Centre. The lady that runs it, is from FGC (Full Gospel Church), and I must say, I am impressed by the way her tuition centre is run. It's very much different from most tuition centres I've ever been to. She offers almost every subject from Standard 1, right up to Form 5, and not to mention MUET and Singapore syllabus too, and the students are taught by after-Form 6er's, a going-to-be-pharmacist, going-to-be-accountant, and many more. And oh, she pays her tutors well too, RM15 an hour. :D

While I was tutoring, I found out from my dad that Switch was opening in Alor Setar Mall, and they were looking for part-time crews! By the way, if you are wondering what Switch is, here is a little info, Switch is a an authorised Apple dealer and service provider. Finding an Apple product? If you are in Northern East Malaysia, head down to your nearest Switch outlet! :P

Well, back to topic, I love Apple products, but I wasn't sure I was cut up to be a salesman. People who know me well will know that I have a problem talking to strangers. But I decided to give it a try, although I had my reservations.

Working at Switch was much different compared to my tutoring job experiences, although it doesn't pay as well. There was a job interview I had to attend. After that, I had to attend and pass a training programme, to make sure I'm qualified for the job, which I think is unique for a sales job. This means the company take pride in its employees in being well trained of the product they are selling. And oh, did I mention that at the end of the month (usually), there is a gathering to discuss the month's performance, usually on what needing to be improved, faults and mistakes to be corrected, or the latest announcements by headquarters or Apple? I'm sure this culture isn't practiced by many companies, which I feel is good as it breaks down barriers between colleagues and brings the fun into working. :)

Well, working at Switch has been fun, other than hitting the hours and sales target every month, I think I've gained quite a lot by working here. I shall be quitting Switch in a week. That's all from me now, shall be updating more often from now. :)