Monday, December 1, 2008

Memories in Singapore [Day 1] continued...

Continued from here... After that, we headed to my uncle's apartment by his car. But, he had to buy some fish food for his fish. He brought us to this humongous pet store. It was really REALLY HUMONGOUS! You can find a store like that so big in Alor Star. The store also has a catching fish alley. You have to pay S 4 dollars for half an hour. It is fun for the kids.
More pictures of the fish store here.

But unfortunately, my uncle didn't find what he wanted. He wanted the fish food that could sink, because his fish were ground fishes.

We then headed back to the apartment. I saw my cousins. My 6 year old cousin is wearing specs already. He has astigmatism. A pity. Such a young age he is forced to wear specs.

After we had unpacked, we went to a supermarket called IMM. We had lunch there, at the The Cafe' Cartel. The food we ordered was awesome. I had steak there and a seafood platter. The portions were pretty big, so we shared. There was something unique about this store. Usually, restaurants only give free flow of drinks, right? But in this restaurant, they give free flows of bread and butter. You can eat as much bread and butter you want. Cool eh? After lunch, my mother did some shopping.
The Cafe' Cartel...
Later that night, we went to the night safari. The night safari was awesome and expensive too! It cost $S 40 per adult to enter. Convert to Malaysian currency, RM 96 dollars per adult. It costs a bomb to enter! But, the night safari was really interesting. The otters were real cute!
The tickets to enter...
More pictures and a video of the night safari out soon!

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