Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The 10 signs that your connection with God is not good...

When the speaker spoke on this... Somethings really showed that my connection with God wasn't good... And also, hindrances that I was facing on my spiritual connection with God...

The 10 signs that your connection with God is not good are:
  1. The Bible and Christianity do not seem revelant to you anymore.
    To me, yes... I have faced this problem before. At present, it still sometime happens. Cause sometimes personal problems just crowd my mind. In future, I must not let this happen anymore. I must not be blinded by challenges or mistakes.

  2. You do not expect much from God, and are often defeated and cynical about ministry and Christianity.
    I do not really understand this. But I know I have not experienced this before.

  3. You become a thrill seeker!
    I have not experienced this before. But the speaker explained this as, is like we worship him because you want a high from it. That isn't the true meaning of worship.

  4. Restlessness in your spirit.
    This often happens to me. I do not know why. Sometimes, I just wonder whether God is there for me, whether He cares for me a not. But, I know now, He doesn't give you what you want at the time you want. But at the prefect timing. He is a good God! Hallelujah!

  5. Less control over temper.
    I think among all the 10, this is the most apparent in me. In the recent pass, I have not been able to control my temper, like I was in a daze or something. My control over my temper in my recent pass has been really bad. I thank my parents for being understanding to me. And my Christian friends, who gave support to me, and encouraged me. I thank God for sending them...

  6. You complain a lot more.
    Frankly, when one loses control over temper, this is a domino effect. Now is the time for me to change. And I must succeed.

  7. Constant lack attack / grass is greener syndrome.
    This is also another domino effect from losing one's temper. When we are angry, we tend to think that the grass is greener the other side.

  8. Frequent states of depression and fatigue.
    When one is angry, we also tend to get depressed after that. In my recent pass, I must say, I have gone through loads of depression. In some situations, it was hard to pass through. Because I was alone.

  9. You start distancing yourself away from Christian friends.
    I have experienced this before too. I can remember at one point of my life, I distanced myself away from them, because they did not include me in. Sometimes, the feeling of being forgotten can hurt someone deeply. I think still, sometimes, the people in MYF feels that. This would be a challenge to the Alor Star MYF. I pray and hope that, we will bond and be as one.

  10. Return of old sins, bad habits and formation of new sins.
    This happens also, when we are angry. We tend to do things to forget our pains, our hurts, our discomfort. This sometimes might lead to smoking, drugs, etc... It's important to look out from someone rejected, alone, lonely, depressed... It will not hurt to care, to ask, or even to say a little hello. Why, sometimes you might make a difference in his or her life although you did a simple little thing. Do not forget the forgotten, remember the them.

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