Monday, December 15, 2008


This is a personality test. Basically, it's like the melancholic, choleric, phlegmatic, and sanguine. In D.I.S.C., "D" stands for Dominance, "I" stands for Influence, "S" Steadiness, and "C" stands for Compliance. But one thing I like of this session is that, the speaker puts everything clearly. Like the speaker said that D.I.S.C. is not a measure of one's intelligence, nor an indicator of a person's values, nor skills and experience. It's just a universal language for behavior and emotions.

Well, I'm a High "C", which is compliant. Other than finding out what we were, the speaker also told us of how to love one another, although each person's character is different. Sometimes, we might find people slow, or irritating, or careless... but, in the bible it says "Love one another just as Christ has love us..." and also "Love your neighbour as yourself...". Do not neglect people, do not back stab people, do not gossip. It doesn't hurt you to say a little words of encouragement when you see someone is down. Do not forget the forgotten, but be there for the forgotten. Sometimes, we just do not know how mean we are to people...

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