Sunday, November 30, 2008

Memories in Singapore [Day 1]...

*Yawn!* It was 7 in the morning when my mother woke me up. We had to catch a cab to Penang to catch the flight to Singapore. We wanted a direct flight there, because it was faster and more convenient.

Aunty Nancy, picked us up from my house, and sent us off to the bus station, where the cab were. We got shocked though, because the cab that was going to sen
d us there, was involved in an accident the day before. But luckily for us, there were a few cabs there waiting for passengers.

We had McD for breakfast. We later checked in. My mother bought some stuff there, for my cousins. We walked about, to kill time.
The plane...
This year, we were lucky and unlucky in some ways. We wanted to sit a big plane for a long LONG time. This year, we got to sit the B 777. This was quite a big plane. But the unlucky thing was, we had to wait quite some time to board the plane. BUT... Alyssa was still considered a young child, and we got to board the plane without lining up.

More pictures of Penang Airport here.

The flight took about an hour. We reached Terminal 3 at Changi Airport. It was a new terminal that just opened a few months ago. Last year, when I came, this terminal was not completed yet. This year, I found the terminal a little empty. I thought Singapore airports were always busy. My Uncle A. was already waiting there.
Terminal 3...
Look at Singapore's airport compared to Penang's airport. Their airport looks so much more stylish. It looks cleaner and more well maintained too compared to Penang's airport.

*Yawn!* It's late... I shall continue tomorrow... Tired.

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suyang.teh said...

You are so lucky. I never been there....