Sunday, December 14, 2008

The song we did in NSCFL '08...

I was flipping through my camp stuff and I saw the song we did during NSCFL... Thinking back, I want to go camp next year! Hope they will change the date (which they probably won't)... It shall be ached in my memory for a long LONG time more...

Well, here is the song we wrote, based on the "I'm Yours..." by Jason Moraz music.
Well we all love God and God loves us too,
He has divine eyes which are like lil cameras.
And grace to bring us through,
And hope to live for...

Well it's not like our lives have no problems,
We have our real rough and tough moments,
And it's not always gonna be okay,
But we have a destiny...

I won't lie no more,
Won't cry no more,
This has to change,
I'm God's...

Come into our house and then you'll see,
The difference of God's big family,
Look into our lives,
And you'll find love love love... love...
Thinking of this song makes me laugh... LOL... We had good times during the camp...

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