Friday, August 15, 2008

What la! Parts of the Opening Ceremony of Olympics in Beijing faked!

Can you still remember the girl singing the patriotic song "Ode to the Motherland" as China's national flag was carried into the stadium? Well actually, she did not sing, but pre-recorded.... She was just mimicking. The girl who performed in front of the audience was Lin Miaoke, but the actually singer was a seven year old Yang Peiyi.

Yang Peiyi was not chosen to perform because of her looks. Where can one judge a person by it looks and not its talent? I think the girl who sang but had no chance to perform would feel hurt and insulted. She will hear her voice being aired, but not her on stage. The girl on stage would take all the credit, and giving the singer none, because everyone would think it was her, singing. It is not fair.

Another thing faked in the Beijing Olympics 2008 opening ceremony, was the fireworks. Do you remember the footprints moving through the central Beijing's Tienanmen Square to the Olympic stadium? It was either pre-recorded or computer generated for TV. Haiz... Why bluff millions and millions of people? Has China no respect for honesty?

This clearly shows that Chinese has been always known to "jaga muka" and "kia su" mentality.

Next post: How was Beijing chosen to host the 2008 Olympics?

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