Thursday, August 21, 2008

Anwar: "Promote smart students"

Anwar said: "All races should be given equal opportunities". Yes! I couldn't agree more. All RACES should be given EQUAL opportunities. Students who have potential should be given a chance to pursue further in their studies, REGARDLESS of their race and students.

Why should the opportunity be given to the Malays only? If a Chinese or Indian does well, he or she should be given the opportunity also. We live in a country called Malaysia, where Indians, Chinese and Malays live in peace and harmony. If someone asks you, where are you from. Do you say that you are a Chinese? Malay? Or Indian? NO! You would say you are a Malaysian! Because we live together in one country!

Who will benefit if the Chinese and Indians are given the opportunity to pursue their studies? The government! The economy of the country!

So, do you agree with me and Anwar that equal opportunity should be given to everyone? I agree with Anwar on this matter...

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