Friday, August 15, 2008

Base Jumping at Menara Telekom Alor Star...

Today, after breakfast, my mother told that, today at the Menara Telekom Alor Star, got base jumping. Eager to see base jumping for the first time, A. N, who went with us for breakfast, headed to the Menara Telekom Alor Star.
Menara Telekom Alor Star
We had to wait for awhile before they started jumping. It turned out this was only training. And a few jumps had already been done. While we waited, I went round taking pictures surrounding the Menara. I bet Random Shots doesn't have these.
"Selamat Datang" means "Welcome!"
Some shots around the Menara...
I didn't know there was a fountain beside the Menara. Anyway, it wasn't working, like many of Alor Star's fountains.

Finally, the base jumping started. I got the whole process, before opening parachute, mid-air, and landing... I was lucky enough to take a picture of the jumper before he opened his parachute.
The jumper in mid-air..
Well, I saw quite a number of jumpers. You can still see the base jumping at Menara Telekom Alor Star today till Sunday.
One last look, before leaving...

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