Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, Chong Wei... LOST! (updated)

RM 1 million, bye bye! Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan 12-21, 8-21. I've never seen Chong Wei lost so badly to Lin Dan. Chong Wei was good, but Lin Dan was better.

In the second set, Lin Dan was leading 8 points, before Chong Wei scored his first point... Well, he failed to bring back the gold medal for Malaysia, but at least he is the one who bring back a medal for Malaysia. We should be proud of him!

He will still get his RM300,000 reward, for bringing back a silver medal, and a RM3,000 monthly, under the Olympic incentive scheme....


Updated: Walao! Get silver medal also get Datukship. I wanna go Olympics and get a medal too. Haha... Then, I would be called Datuk Daniel. Haha... Well, Lee Chong Wei is know, Datuk Lee Chong Wei. Congrats to him!

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