Monday, August 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

What makes a home? Love? Sympathy? Or confidence? Parents take care of their children, and children are curious of what their parents do. Thus, all of them would be bound together with love and affection.

A home, without love, is like a man without a soul. One cannot live alone, although man is successful and rich, for he, will find something missing in his life. Prosperity alone cannot ensure happiness.

No matter your home is rich or poor, big or small, everyone should do their duty to make it cheerful and comfortable in their respectable homes. An old saying goes “The greater the difficulties, the richer your reward”.

If a man can’t do anything for his home, he can’t do anything for his country. A home is the basic origin of civilization. Homes are important to each and everyone. To you, to me, to anyone…

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