Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympicing online: Basketball

I was really fascinated when I saw basketball, China vs. USA, live on TV. So, I decided to pay basketball too, e-basketball. Haha!

Well, this game is like normal basketball, except that there are only three players instead of five. I wrote about basketball a long time ago, you can read it here. Well, basically, basketball is a game about scoring as many baskets (points) as possible. The team that scores most wins, like when USA defeated China (Men) 101 to 70.

Well, i found this game at miniclip, called Basketball Slam. Basketball Slam, the game...
Front page...
There are a few teams to choose from in this game, eight teams in all. I chose Villains. In the quarter finals, i faced my first opponent, the Yankees. In this game, it is the best of three to win the match. I struggled in the first match, I was trying to get used to the controls. The score was tied in the first half. I won my first match against the Yankees, 20 ti 19, but a fluke 3 pointer. The second match was an easy match. I won 31 to 13.
In the game...
I proceeded into the semi-finals, meeting the Sailors.I won the first match with some resistance, 21 to 16. I started the second match well in the first half with a 9 point lead. But in the second half, I some how lost 24 to 26. I decided to fight back in the deciding match and won with much resistance, 22 to 16.

Next, the finals, Villains against the Cows!
Villains (me) slam dunking the ball into the hoop...
The final score, 33 to 17. I won!!!!
The Final Results...
This game is quite good, except there is no fouls. You can dribble back and forth the court. It is quite hard to snatch the ball from the opponent (or maybe I haven't mastered the skill). But overall, this game is quite good. I give this game a rating of 7/10.
Games at - Basketball Slam
Basketball Slam

Hear the crowd roar as you slam dunk your way to victory.

Play this free game now!!

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