Saturday, August 30, 2008

The new church, up and ready!

The new church is almost ready! In less than a week, Wesley Methodist will be moving in into it!

Here are some snapshots of the new centenary:
The exterior view of it...Altar..Stairs...
Well, everything is still a little untidy and dirty... The toilets are not cleaned yet, and the floor is very dirty... I expect it will be clean for tomorrow's first service...


Lucy said...

Where is the new church?

Daniel Ting said...

In Taman Sri Ampang there...

GUN said...

Hi,I'm Ah Gun. 20 years old.
I'm a Christian.
I live at Kedah but it is near Perlis. So, I used to go to the church at Perlis.
Now,I'm staying at my aunt's house in Alor Setar,so I wish to find a suitable church at Alor Setar.
Where is Taman Sri Ampang???? Near where?
I'm so sorry cuz I'm just stay at alor star,so I dun know lotz of the Taman at alor setar.
Futhermore,now,i'm studying at UUM and stay inside UUM's hostel,so I seldom go back my aunt adi.
Izzit a methodist church?
Izzit english service or mandirin service?
I got lot of question wanna ask u............Please contact me. I really hope u can help me! God bless!
my e-mail address is
hope to hear from u soon!