Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day drive, the game...

School just started three days ago. To relieve the school stress, I decided to pay freeonlinegames a visit instead of miniclip, because miniclip's games are getting boring.

Well, day drive is street racing. There are three cars, you don't get to choose, but you get to use them at different levels. The path of the racing is same at easy, medium and hard, which makes it a little boring.
When I played easy, I got to use the blue car. When I first drove, it was rather hard to control, maybe I needed getting used to.
Easy level results...
I drove at a constant speed of 212 km/h. Haha... I finished the race in 3:03:55 minutes.
Medium level results....
My average speed this time lower, 209 km/h Haiz... This time, it took a little longer to finish the race, 3:05:64 minutes. This time, I got to use the red car...
In the game (Hard level)
I got to use the green car. My average speed same as the easy level. Does this mean this level is easier than the medium level??? Haha... I finished this level, clocking 3:03:48, the fastest of all levels. What is the difference between all the levels? Just get to use different cars?

Tip: If you find it hard to steer 90 degree turns, drive through the boxes.

I give this game a rating 8/10.
To play this game, click here.

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