Saturday, August 16, 2008

How was Beijing chosen to host the 2008 Olympics?

I suppose many people know how an Olympic city is chosen. I recently knew, after reading the newspapers.

To host the Olympics, is a very great and honored thing. A country who wants to host must first submit an application to the IOC (International Olympic Committee). This application is a questionare. Then, the IOC filters the applications and pick a few cities as candidates. It takes about 10 months to complete this process.

For example, the handing of application of the 2008 Olympics started in 2000. Five cities were picked as candidates, Beijing, Toronto, Paris, Istanbul and Osaka.

Those chosen, will then have to prove that the cities are capable to host the Olympic Games. It is not easy to host the Olympics, because there are a lot of problems a city need to overcome, lodging, transportation and enough sport arenas. You may ask, why do you cities go through all the hassle? Well, because they would feel honored, and be labeled as "An Olympic City".

For the 2012 Olympic Games, guess where it would be? LONDON! Those who were shortlisted were New York, Paris, Moscow, Madrid and London. And London won the bid!

We will look forward to London Olympics 2012! I expect it would be better than Beijing Olympics 2008!

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