Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My exam results are back...

Haiz. This is the one moment everyone dread. I dread it too. I dread the day I get my BC and BM marks. Those two subjects are my nightmare subjects. I wonder how I will fare on those two subjects.

I quite happy with my English this time. I got an A1, instead of an A2 the last time. I read my literature and read it well this time. I made sure I lost no marks there. The last exam, I lost over 15 marks there. This time, I only lost 3 marks in that section. I'm so glad!

My Maths and Add Maths are back too. I'm not surprised I did badly in my Add Maths this time. I expected it to be bad, because I knew on the day I did my Add Maths paper, I won't get an A1 or A2, and true enough, I didn't, I got a B3. Haiz. Sad. Maths, I got an A1. Ok ok la. But still not really satisfied with the marks I got on Maths.

I've improved in Physics, I'm glad! But still failed to get an A2, by a mark! Haiz, the teacher very stingy. Spelling error, can't give marks... Usage of grammar wrong, also must beg and beg only the teacher will add the marks for me. Disappointed, yet happy.

My history and moral are back too. Those two heavy studying subjects. I didn't do pretty well in those two subjects. I must start studying again, if I want to do better. Sejarah and moral both got a B3.

I am waiting, under pressure and torture for my two disastrous subjects, BM and BC. Pray for me please...

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All things beautiful said...

Hey, stop sighing :-) Your results may not be all 'A's but the fact that you know why you missed it & you have this determination to improve is already a step nearer to attaining better results in future. However, remember: the most important thing is not the 'A's but to know you have given it your best shot.