Friday, October 31, 2008

The Continuous Writing in my English Exam...

Like any usual form 4 English paper 1 exam, there are two parts, directed writing (the one I blogged earlier on), and continuous writing. In continuous writing, you have five choices. You have to write one of the five titles.

In my final year exam, the titles were:
  1. Describe the most beautiful scene you have ever set your eyes on.
  2. Write a story with the title: A Wonderful Mistake.
  3. If I Were Rich.
  4. "Discipline should be strictly enforced in schools" What is your opinion? Do you disagree or agree with this view?
  5. Supermarkets.
Guess which one I chose. Normally, I would have written question number 2 or 3. But, I think something must have struck me when I was going to write the essay. I picked the factual essay. Maybe I wanted to be extraordinary. I picked question 4!

After I wrote the whole essay, I knew I would not get a high mark for the piece I wrote. Because, after I wrote it, I realized that I may have wrote out of question. Well, hope for the best, because there was no time to write any question.

In paper 1, the continuous writing takes a total of 50 marks. Guess how much I got. When I got my paper 1 back, I was so shocked and happy. I actually got 40 out of 50 marks! Overjoyed. Well, here goes:

I agree entirely with the statement "Discipline should be strictly enforced in schools." What actually is discipline? Discipline can be defined as one who is well mannered and decently dressed in society. Many students think that discipline should not be strictly enforced in schools. Why? Because they want to do things their own way. Why do schools need to implement strict rules to ensure there is discipline in students? So that the teachers will be satisfied? No! They want to instill discipline in the students so that the students will do better in life. Teacher have more headaches trying to instill discipline in students, life would be much easier for them if they need not instill discipline in students. The teachers are actually doing students a favor.

Why do I agree with the statement "Discipline should be strictly enforced in schools."? Well, here are a few reasons. First, rules instill discipline must be strictly enforced so that the students will dress decently to school and are well-mannered. One must look decent and are well-mannered in society. If not, they will be labeled as ill-mannered creatures. In school, one must look decent and well-mannered too. Decently looking students means that the student's hair is not dyed and do not wear earrings. Some schools, like Keat Hwa 1 and Keat Hwa 2, have no choice but to implement strictly enforced rules like boys hair must not be over 5 cm and girls are not allowed to keep long hair. If such rules are not implemented, the students would not listen and would dye their hair. This is why discipline should be strictly enforced in schools.

Secondly, I agree with the statement above because with discipline instilled in a student, students will have a better learning environment. Students would not simply shout like monkeys or talk when the teacher is teaching in class. There would be no disruptions. The classroom will be quiet and have a conducive learning atmosphere. In some schools, because the rules are not strictly enforced, the students will disrupt the class by talking or not paying attention to the teacher, that will result in an noisy and unsuitable environment for learning. With the loud and unpleasant noises, a student would not be able to concentrate on what is being taught. A leaning atmosphere would not be in the air.

Discipline should be strictly enforced too, so that the housing estate surrounding the school will not be disturbed. What will happen to the school's image if one of the residents living in the neighboring housing estate put in a complaint to the school or write an article about the school being noisy to the local newspaper? The school's image will drop in everyone's eyes. Parents would not want to send their child to such a school, because of the noisy environment, no learning can take place. Furthermore, parents also want their children to be disciplined.

Fourthly, discipline should be strictly enforced to prevent gangsterism. Gangsterism in schools is not a new problem a school needs to face in schools today. By trying to prevent gangsterism in schools, schools have to implement rules like no fighting in schools, and by not allowing outside people to enter the school unless they are the student's parents. Even though the school allow the parents to enter the school only allows the parents to enter to ask the teacher in charge to call their kid down from class. Don't you agree with me now, that strictly enforced rules should be enforced in schools?

Last and not least, discipline should be strictly enforced in schools so that the students will learn to be disciplined in life and in everything they do. Once the student is forced to be disciplined in something, it will become second-nature to them. For example, once a student is trained and forced to look decently in school, it will become a habit. After a long time, the students will also dress decently not only in school, but everywhere. They by themselves would also want to be decently dressed.

Discipline does not come instantly, one must be trained and forced. The school strictly enforces discipline on student is for their own good. Therefore, I agree entirely with the statement "Discipline should be strictly enforced in schools."
To me, this essay is still not very good. I think if the teacher was my mother, my mother would have given a 30 - 35?

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