Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Directed Essay I wrote in my English exam...

I had nothing to blog today, so I decided to type out my end of the year exam English essay as memories... This is one of the higher directed writing essays I've ever got. 30/35. I'm so happy!

This directed writing essay is about your brother studying in a boarding school in another town, he wrote a letter telling you that he has been invited to his friend's house over the weekend, and he is asking for tips on how to present himself. Here it goes:

Dear brother,
How are you doing these days? How did you fare in your recent exam? Mother wants to know your results. Can you send your results soon? Mother is worried. I received your letter just yesterday.

In your previous letter, you told me that you were invited to your friend's house over the weekend and needed some tips on how to present yourself. Well, here are a few pointers. First, you should buy a gift for your friend's parents. This is how you can show your gratitude for leting you stay in their home. You can buy a little gift for them.

When you are in your friend's house, make sure you are polite. You wouldn't want your friend's parents to label you as a rude an ill-mannered boy. Remember to greet "Hello, uncle and aunty.", when you reach there. And when you are given something, remember to say "Thank You!".

You also must be obedient. Whatever your friend's parents say, goes. Don't dawdle. You are not at home. At home, it's different. For example, if you are served with a dish you don't like, don't complain. Just be obedient and eat what is served. Be obedient. I know that sometimes, you are quite picky about what you eat.

When you are playing with your friend, don't be too playful or naughty. You can play, but do not play until your friend's parents ask you to stop, because it's late, and are reluctant. Stop when you are told to.

Once it is time to go home, remember to thank your friend and your friend's parents. Do not just leave without saying a "thank you". Be grateful because you had a chance to stay at his house for the weekend.

I hope you will find the advices I have given you useful. I hope in your next letter, you will tell me what you did at your friend's house. That is all for now.

Haiz... Somehow, after typing it down, I feel that I could have written it better. Sigh!


AJ7 said...

Wah! If like dat at'll be 7th heaven for everyone man!

On can always be better. For everything. Remember, The Road Not Taken....first line, last stanza...I shall be telling this with a sigh...

Anonymous said...

Wah,your essay shows that you come from 好家教's family. Your parents sure much be proud of you.

Daniel Ting said...


All things beautiful said...

Wish my students write half as good!!! I'm going to 'vomit blood' soon. The essay papers have just come in :-(

Daniel Ting said...

haha... have a great time marking those papers!!! :-)