Monday, October 13, 2008

2nd Day of Exam...

Today exam was okay lah! Haiz... Why the account paper 2 need to be so hard? I didn't get to imbang my 3rd question. Good thing this account paper is not counted in my overall marks.

Today had paper 1 of history. Good thing I knew my facts well. The teacher set a few straight know-your-facts questions... Like what is Surah al-Muddasir for... Most people I asked didn't know what that was. It was the Aqabah II, where Nabi Muhammad s.a.w was elected as a Rasullullah. And questions like what did so and so did, which I think I got wrong. The teacher even set questions from the summary of the chapter at the every end of the chapter. Good thing I read.


I may not be lucky tomorrow. Sejarah Paper 2.

Nightmare. 3 essays.

Wish me luck.
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Jonathan Chang Tien Chzie said...

Good luck(P.S What in the worldare you talking about.......)

Daniel Ting said...

i'm talking about sejarah...
sound greek to you?