Thursday, October 16, 2008

One week over, another week to go!

Finally, one week of exam is now history, can't wait for the other half be over.

Next week, will be a long me. As in really long. Last three days of exam will be Physics, Chemistry and Biology, three papers each. Headache.

Today, the teacher in charge dropped a bombshell, he made all the students afraid, because he changed today's exam table. He changed the English Paper 1 to English Paper 2. Because there is literature in Paper 2, everybody complained. Most of us didn't not study literature because in the timetable. English Paper 2 was to be on next Sunday. All of my friends were saying ''Where can like that de? I didn't study literature yet, 30 marks gone like tat la!" or "Ish! Want to change timetable, tell the day before la!".

Well, the teacher made a mistake. Because English Paper 2 is 2 and the half hours and Paper 1 is only 1 hour and 45 minutes. Once he change the papers, we will have no time for recess. Some of the students complained and the teacher switched back to the normal timetable. Phew! Everyone had to take the paper 10 minutes late because of the error the teacher in charge of the exam made. Some of my friends wanted to shout "Postpone! Postpone!" because the paper was given late. The funny thing is, in some classes, the teacher had already given out the Paper 2, and the students had already scanned through the questions. So now, we know what the literature part is coming out.

Today, was relaxing compared to the previous two days. Although sad to say that, in modern mathematics, 7 marks have flown out of the window. :(, because I used the wrong formula =.=. How did I let this happen? >.<

English essay. I think I might have wrote a little out of question. I should not have written the factual essay, but written the story. I wrote about agreeing with the statement "Discipline should be strictly enforced in schools.". I think I would have wrote better if I picked "If I were rich.". Well, all I can do is now hope for the best.

Wish me luck.
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