Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exam can really stress one up!

Yesterday, I just sat for my history paper 2 and my moral paper. How glad am I that those two subjects are finally over.

Today. Was another nightmare. Chinese. Objective. Structure. Essay. The teacher that has to set this time exam, Mr. Sang. Haiz... He always set weird weird questions, and his questions are always hard. This time I surely gonna fail. In the subjective part, got 5 translation questions. All also I don't know how to do. Nightmare. Don't know essay write correct a not. I wrote this title "雨天随想".

Thank goodness it's over.

Tomorrow I can take it a little easier. Modern Maths and English.



AJ7 said...

Exam onli meh...i thot there is another thing that stresses you up even more... the weekend scourge, for eg?? 8)

Daniel Ting said...