Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two weeks down memory lane...

For the past two weeks, my exam has been on. The stress was intense, and the pressure was unbearable. But the good news is, I survived! Now, finally, i'm relaxed...

But. At the thought of the results, the feeling evolves. It changes to fear. I dread getting my exam marks. Scared of not doing well. I predict this time, I will not do as well as my mid year. I can just hope for the best.

Anyway, since my exam is over, I can now blog more often. :)

My sister went to her friend's birthday party at her friend's house last Thursday. I can't remember how small I was when I went for my first birthday party. Definitely not 7 years old. I know I did not get a chance to go at such a young age. Imagine. A small 7 year old kid going t a birthday party to her friend's house. Alone. With no parents. At this age. To me, I wouldn't allow my kid to go. For the fear of safety. I think the youngest I went, was when I was 11, and my mother knew my friend's parents.


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