Friday, October 10, 2008

Fed up!!!

Is it something wrong with me? Is everything I do wrong? Maybe... Haiz... My life has been turning upside down... Recently, my phone was crushed by my guitar.. Sigh! Why was the guitar so accurate??? Sigh!

My parents refuse to buy me a new phone, because of mainly my overspending on my phone... Haiz... So, I needa save up on a new one... Argh! Everything is falling apart at the wrong time! With my exams coming up next Sunday, I don't know how I can live on... Some more it is the end of the year examinations... The most important exam in the year!!!

I may seem happy-go-lucky on the inside, but full of turmoil in the inside. So many problems are stressing me up!!! Phone, school exam, class crisis, camps, school trips... Sigh! If another problem appears, I'll explode!

Phone. Sigh! I may overspend, but during exam time, it's the most useful tool. You can ask a friend about the things you do not know buttons away. It saves time. Learning up yourself takes a lot of time, especially when time is short. I'm not saying learning up yourself is bad, I prefer that method, but during exam time, you don't have that sort of time you can waste. When I told my father I need my phone to study, he laughed... Times have changed. Haiz. So how do I go to when I have a problem that needs to be solved in my studies now? Myself, (usually doesn't get solved) because I don't know how. Phone has it cons, but it as pros too!

School exam. Haiz. Everything coming up all, or almost all. Add Maths all 10 chapters except Chapter 9. Maths, all. Physics, all. Chemistry, Chapter 7. Moral, all. Sejarah, all. Haiz... Other subject all la. Don't know how i'll fare in this exam.

Class crisis. Haiz... During the last monthly exam, one of my classmates got caught cheating. So, this time we had to sit according to alphabets. Haiz... And two of the teachers "lectured" us. Conclusion, we're bad! Haha...

School trips and camps. Haiz. Don't know to go which camp. Can't decide. It's a funny thing, Christian camps can go, school trips can't. Don't know why. Because my parents when they were small, they did not go, means now I can't go. Haiz... Why? No comment. Ask them about school trips, answer would be "Go! And don't come back..." =.=, or "Use your own money la"... Basically, they just don't allow. Why, I don't know.

Exam coming up!

Save me!

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s.a.r.a.h ♥ said...

Maybe it's time you shift your focus on one thing first. sure, exams suck and all. i'd be the first person to support the notion to abolish all exams :P like what su-yen said last night, this is just a small part of the big painting God has for us. as for the phone thing, hmmmm. sms God lah. direct communication and free summor! :D hang in there, all the best for finals!

Daniel Ting said...


Jonathan Chang Tien Chzie said...

GOOD luck in exam.