Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Youth Education Talk...

Last Friday, there was a talk about sex education held in Trinity Baptist Church. The MYF committee members to decided to have MYF there instead of the usual MYF at church. MYF would pay for the registration fees. Pity thing though, not all the MYF'ers turned up. Probably they thought the talk would be boring, or they had other plans, or they were just too lazy...

Well. there was worship first, then some light refreshments were given before the talk started. During worship, they played and sang the songs really LOUD!!! How can they not go deaf? I was deaf when the time of worship ended. But is really amazed me that they can produce almost exactly like hillsong. WOW! After worship, there was some refreshments prepared for us. Not much, but enough. After makan, there was some games. The games were pretty silly though, to me. The person will ask you for something, for example five white hairs, and if you found them, you will be given mentos.

After the games, the talk finally started. It was about 5 then. I learnt quite a lot from the talk. Only Uncle Jeff turned up. His wife was attending a talk elsewhere. Uncle Jeff turned out to be the person who gave a ceremah in my school last year, also about sex education in my school. From this talk, he tought us about how the baby is formed, the female reproductive organs, the male reproductive organs, the process of sex and many others. I also learnt that the diseases can be quite frightening too. AIDS, for an instant, he showed us a picture of a girl having yellow big spots on her labia (i think). It was frightening.

This talk is just the first part, and not the full thing yet. We have to thank Uncle Jeff for driving all the way down from Penang, just to give the talk to us for free. Let's hope he will have time to give a talk on the other parts.

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