Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PLKN Kem Dusun Minda Resort, Kuala Nerang!

I'm back! (just for Easter! =D)

In my two days at PLKN, life is terrible! (or maybe I still haven't got used to the lifestyle there yet...)
Our daily schedule:
0530 ~ 0630 Waking Up Time (Malays have their prayer at 6)
0630 ~ 0800 Lapor @ Padang Kawat Baru & Jasmani
0800 ~ 0900 Breakfast
0900 ~ 1030 Classes
1030 ~ 1100 Morning Snack
1100 ~ 1230 Classes
1230 ~ 1430 Lunch
1430 ~ 1630 Physical Activity
1630 ~ 1700 Tea
1700 ~ 1800 Sports
1800 ~ 2100 Dinner
2100 ~ 2230 Night Class
2230 ~ 2300 Supper
2300 ~ 0530 Lights Out
Every morning, I have to wake up early at 5:30 a.m. in the morning! @.@ Who on earth gets up at this HOUR?!? And we sleep at close to midnight every night. ONLY 5 HOURS OF SLEEP! T.T Moving on to the classes...

When the classes are on going, everyone is "fishing". (meaning that everyone is falling asleep listening to the speaker). And the worse part is, when the speaker is speaking, there will be officers walking around to make sure no one sleeps. One time, a boy was brought up forward to the stage because he slept. =.= Anyway, the sessions are actually quite interesting if you pay attention 100%, but it is so hard to stay awake, because of the heavy activities throughout the day, and waking up so EARLY in the morning. The only activity I HATE now are the kawating (marching) activities, because it is under the HOT HOT SUN! But am looking forward to the sports (hiking, flying fox, water activities, etc...) =D.

Moving on to the FOOD! =D The food there is not bad, I guess...? We have 6 meals a day! (I hope it helps me get FAT! @.@ Since so many people wants me to...) The only thing is it's always fried meat or fish, with curry, veggies and fruit (apples, pears and watermelon... so far). =D

And, every night, when I sleep, I sleep with ants! =.= There are a LOT of ants crawling about there. When I sleep, I suspect that there are at least a hundred ants that crawl over me... @.@

Pictures of the camp site! I forgot to take the picture of the male toilet though... Shall make a mental note to take a picture of that when I go back on Sunday... XD

Rest area.
My EX-dorm (D-1).
My EX-room with orange light! (I prefer this room!)Know why it is so hot in my room? Look at the fans!
The guys canteen.The old kawat padang (where we meet every night at 11:00 p.m.).
Leaving from PLKN Kuala Nerang to Shahab Perdana.
I liked my old room better than my current one! I prefer my old roommates (although there is 6 of us compared to my current one of 5)! T.T Oh well, I shall have to live with my new roommates for a month (at least) before I can get out for form 6! Argh!

I don't wanna go back to PLKN! =( It's torturing! Somebody help me!


Anonymous said...

i'm going to this campsite in the next year..can i know how you feel about the toilet??
may you send the answer to my email?

thank a lot~


Anonymous said...

i went to that camp and i like it !! the food was ok, i'd say but the toilets are ewhh.. back for CNY break.. going back in another 3 days.. looking forward to the physical activities.. :D

Anonymous said...

hi wanna ask about you on the PLKN at Kuala nerang is it always only curry ? and can we appeal or wat to ask because i am allergic to spicy food thx for your info

Daniel Ting said...

yes, you can always apply for vegetarian food that is not spicy. :)

tell them on the first day there.

Anonymous said...

oh ya sorry again wat about the toilet and beside by vegetarian any other type of food?

Anonymous said...

by the way really appreciate your infos at least i will not be such a " stranger" there is there anything special need to know about the place?

Daniel Ting said...

no other food is avaliable?
remember to tell them on the day you register at NS Kuala Nerang. :)

well, it has a washing machine now, compared to other camps, no need to wash your own clothes.

Anonymous said...

i will thanks

Anonymous said...

ialso get this place fak......