Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My New Gadget... Seagate 500GB!

My latest gadget! Seagate 500GB!

My old 80GB external hard disk was running out of space due to the SUSOM pics & videos. =D We took more than 20GB worth of it! There were over 1000 photos in my camera alone (because Jing so enthusiastic to be taken by the camera! =P), and haven't plus the SU Staff camera and Deborah's yet. O.O And that is like more than 1/4 of my 80 GB external hard disk.
Look how cool it looks! =D


Choocolate said...


Daniel Ting said...

last time got?
means now dun have le?

Jing said...

wat d. try "Ting was too enthusiastic about being a stalker"