Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Foul Medammas & Kacang Parang!!

I was at one of the mini supermarkets at PJ last week, and as I went across the canned food area, I could not help but notice these two cans...
Kacang Parang!
If you translate it directly from Malay to English, you'll get "Sword Bean"! So, when you eat it, be careful! Later the beans take their swords can poke you! =D

Another can was...
Foul Medammas!
Foul Medammas! Foul Medan Mamas! Foul Medan Mamaks! What a way to name it! I did some research on it, foul medammas are originated from west or central Asia. And these beans are eaten for breakfast! This beans used to be the staple diet of the peasants. It is also known as being "like a stone in the stomach". Sounds interesting right? I think I would not mind trying them! =) After all, nothing can be worse than a cricket right? =D

If any of you have tried before, tell me how it tastes like! =)

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