Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SUSOM Captain Ball Outing With the Ampang Youth....

SUSOM is not just all about missions, we have sports too! The Ampang Youth invited us to join their youth service and also join in their game of Captain Ball! =)

Saturday 16.01.2010

After lunch, we headed off to Ampang Gospel Center to attend the youth service. But before that, the lights starting blinking in the office! And the whole office started to blink, like a horror movie! =D Anyway, we could smell smoke from where we were. We rushed out, and we saw this....
The pole was on fire! There were sparks off and on, but it soon died down.

Back to Ampang Gospel Centre Youth Service! =D Their youth service is about the size of my youth service, but a little smaller (I think). After worship and ice-breakers, we headed off to the field.
The 6 SUSOMites posing...
Oh well, captain ball was not a new game to me, it was to the twins though (since they never attended any SU camps before =P). All of us were split into 4 teams. I was in the same group with Jing, while Ying was with Tong, and Teng with Yong.

I must say each game was rather short. Usually, we would play for about 10 to 30 minutes per game? They only played about 5 minutes? Not even enough time to warm up. Ah Tong's group won, followed by mine. Haha... They had more man-power (which was a little unfair =P)!
Anyway, after captain ball, Uncle Alan belanjaed us makan malam at a steak house called "Fiske Sate Ria". We only had to pay for our drinks! =)
We had some free time after dinner, so, we played TABOO! Haha...

Thus, ends our first day of the weekend.

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